Volunteer Opportunities

With any successful organization, there is a successful team. Sigma Tau Gamma offers several ways to become a volunteer, giving you the opportunity to join our team. Each position and project call for a different time commitment and skills set. Anyone who wants to give back to Sig Tau can find a way to do so based on their best interests and availability.

Local Volunteers

Each chapter needs volunteer advisors to coach and mentor chapter officers. Chapters have five executive board officers: Chapter President, Executive Vice President, Vice President of Membership, Vice President of Programs, and Vice President of Finance. A Chapter Advisory Team advises and mentors members of the chapter executive board. This advisory team includes:

  • Lead Chapter Advisor (Advises Chapter President & Executive Vice President)
  • Recruitment Advisor (Advises Recruitment Chair & Vice President of Membership)
  • Member Safety & Standards Board Advisor (Advises Member Safety Director & Standards Board Chair)
  • Financial Advisor (Advises Vice President of Finance)
  • Programs Advisor (Advises Vice President of Programs)
  • Membership Education Advisor (Advises Membership Educator & Vice President of Membership)
  • Scholarship/Faculty Advisor (Advises Scholarship Director)
  • Parent/Family Liaison, which acts as a liaison for the chapter with parents.

Only the Lead Chapter Advisor must be a member of Sig Tau. Other advisors may be alumni, friends, faculty, community members, or parents of SigTaus.

Regional Directors

Regional Directors will serve as some of the chief volunteer resources in one of the eight different regions of Sig Tau. They are appointed by the Chief Executive Officer of Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity. The positions include:

  • Regional Director
  • Regional Recruitment Advisor
  • Regional Expansion Advisor
  • Regional Philanthropy and Service Advisor
  • Regional Alumni Advisory Team Advisor
  • Regional Communications Advisor
  • Regional Member Safety and Wellness Advisor
  • Regional Finance Advisor
  • Regional Alumni Association Advisor
  • Regional Ritual Advisor
  • Regional Membership Education Advisor
  • Regional Scholarship Advisor

National Volunteers

Interested in serving Sigma Tau Gamma on the national level as a volunteer? Volunteers can serve with opportunities such as Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, WPN Housing Managers and National President. Also, Sigma Tau Gamma Headquarters also offers volunteer opportunities to facilitate during our national programs, which include Webb Academy, Nobleman Institute, Endeavor Leadership Conference (ELC) and Grand Chapter.