Resources For Planned Giving

Sigma Tau Gamma offers resources you need to answer your estate planning questions and to help you better understand planned giving and the estate planning process. If you would like to include us in your will or other estate plans, contact us for assistance.

To learn more about planned giving and how it can benefit both your estate and Sigma Tau Gamma, click here.

More philanthropy resources that may help you include:

Sample Codicil
Rather than totally rewriting a will, some opt to write a codicil or a simple supplement or amendment to an existing will.

Planned Giving Cheat Sheet
This helpful tool will help explain how to incorporate a planned gift into existing finances.

25 Estate Documents You Need to Put in One Place
This document helps explain what should be on hand when preparing an estate plan.

Planned Giving Design Center
The PGDC is the world’s largest community of planned giving professionals. Visitors to this free site will gain insight on many charitable giving issues through a searchable library of articles and forums to aid with tax and estate planning issues.

National Center for Family Philanthropy
This nonprofit organization was founded to encourage families to create and sustain their philanthropic missions. Their Advisor’s Role section contains information on the ways donors want their advisors to help in charitable giving as well as ideas for talking with clients about charitable giving.

Gift-In-Kind-Travel Form

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