Board of Advisors

Richard Allen, NW Oklahoma
Brad Bartels, Iowa 
Joshua Floyd, Michigan Tech 
Christopher Gould, Central Missouri 
Michael Haake, UMKC 
Steven Hopkins, Frostburg
Kelly Huether, Black Hills
Scott Kaspar Esq, Illinois 
Michael Klopper, SUNY Plattsburgh 
Steven Latour, Central Missouri 
Paul Manly, Salisbury 
Paul Messina, Arkansas Fayetteville 
Matthew Rea PhD, St. Louis 
Bruce Sauers, Shippensburg 
Addison Schopp, Truman State 
Brendan Sheridan MD, Miami 
Scott Traynor, Truman State 
Michael Van Camp, Indiana State 
Chad Wolbers, Truman State 
Seth Woodell, East Central 

Sig Tau’s Board of Advisors is a select group of Sig Tau alumni who are passionate about the organization and have stayed in touch in some form or fashion. These are volunteers who want to be a part of Sig Tau’s continued success.

Three commitments must be made to become a member of this prestigious board:

  • Serve a 3-year term
  • Remain informed regarding changes to Sig Tau at both the local and national level
  • Aid with financial support for the Fraternity of $1,000 per year to the Foundation’s unrestricted fund

Members of the board will receive communication from Sig Tau with pertinent information. As topics arise, Headquarters staff will reach out to gather input, with the board playing a vital role in shaping the fraternity’s future. There will also be opportunities for members of the council to get involved on committees that are formed, although this is not a requirement.

The Board of Advisors will meet annually at Sig Tau’s national summer conference. While this session is not a requirement to be a part of the Board, we firmly encourage all members of the council to attend.