Decommissioning Ceremony

On the first Saturday in November, the Sigma Tau Gamma Board of Directors, along with the HQ Staff, hosted the official Decommissioning Ceremony of the Marvin Millsap Sigma Tau Gamma Headquarters. Many people attended the ceremony, including past professional staff, current undergraduates, and Golden Chain of Honor members. CEO Emeritus Bill Bernier, Kent State, served as the emcee for the event and shared his thoughts on the history of 101 Ming Street.

“It is bittersweet to be standing here with you for this occasion,” Bernier said. “Nearly 50 years ago in August 1968, Founder Emmett Ellis journeyed from Warrensburg to Milwaukee for the 23rd Grand Chapter. There he appealed to the delegates to move the Sigma Tau Gamma Headquarters from rented space in Webster Groves, MO, to a permanent headquarters on the Founding Site in Warrensburg. They agreed.”

As the cool, crisp evening came to a close in Warrensburg on November 4, all in attendance had one final toast to the Marvin Millsap Sigma Tau Gamma Headquarters Building.