Strategic Plan 2020

The Sigma Tau Gamma Strategic Plan for 2015 – 2020 was developed through a twelve-month process that incorporated the ideas, perspectives, and priorities of the Board of Directors, Foundation Trustees, Headquarters Staff, Fraternity/Sorority Advisors, parents and friends of Sigma Tau Gamma, alumni, and undergraduates. The process culminated in an immersive discussion during the spring 2015 Board of Directors meeting in Warrensburg, Missouri at which the CEO presented data collected earlier in the process and during his chapter visits. At the spring meeting, the Board reviewed and offered initial feedback on the proposed plan, but were allowed two additional months to assess the proposal.

Initially, the objective was to approve the 2020 Strategic Plan at the Board of Directors meeting during the face-to-face meeting at the National Leadership Conference in Norfolk, Virginia. The CEO shared with the Board that in order to complete the plan we needed more data, specifically data around the vision and purpose of the organization. As research now indicates the members want a stronger brand with a clear vision and purpose for the organization. In April 2015, the Board of Directors agreed to hire Rhyme and Reason Design, an Atlanta-based company to assess our brand and messaging. Through a number of focus groups, interviews, and surveys they completed their work in October 2015. The results from their work are what has allowed us to finalize it and begin the process of putting the plan into action.

The new Sigma Tau Gamma strategic plan builds on the previous strategic plan (covering the period from 2010 – 2016) and responds to issues, challenges, opportunities, and environmental factors anticipated during the next five years. It was developed within the context of, and with respect for the fidelity toward, the Fraternity’s traditions and principles.

The Fraternity’s CEO in conjunction with the Board of Directors and Headquarters Staff designed and implemented the strategic planning process.