Symbols and Traditions

Sigma Tau Gamma’s high ideals and timeless principles are explained fully in our esoteric Ritual that is reserved only for members. But, many public symbols are used to communicate Sigma Tau Gamma’s beliefs.


Official Colors: Blue and White
Secondary Colors: Red and Yellow
Our four colors originate from the Coat-of-Arms.

Coat of Arms

The coat of arms was adopted in 1927 and modified in 1954. The symbolism of the coat of arms is explained in the Ritual. The coat of arms has several important components including the crest of 18 links, the Chain of Honor; the helmet of a knight, our mascot; and the Greek letters. The original coat of arms, as adopted in 1925, featured a handshake, a lamp of knowledge, the founding date, and a chain of five links symbolizing the number of chapters at the time of the first convention.

The Badge

The Badge, which all members may purchase and wear, is the principal symbol of membership. The Badge was adopted in 1927 and modified in 2016. The symbolism of the Badge is explained in the Ritual. The Badge was modeled after the Coat-of-Arms and consists of a blue shield with three points. In the center, there is a chevron with black that adorns our Greek letters and below the chevron is a lamp. The Badge may have a gold or pearl border and may be further embellished with rubies. The standard gold badge is provided to each new member at the time of initiation.

The Associate Pin

The pin, worn by associate members of the Fraternity until initiation, is silver with a blue shield. The symbolism of the associate pin is explained during the Associate Member Ceremony. The Associate Pin is the chapter’s property and is returned to the chapter at the time of initiation by the new member.

White Rose

The White Rose is the flower of Sigma Tau Gamma. Its meaning is explained in the ritual. Each chapter traditionally holds an annual White Rose banquet and dance. The chapter’s sweetheart, known as the White Rose Sweetheart is crowned at the dance and serves as the chapter’s official hostess throughout the year.

Each chapter is encouraged to nominate its sweetheart for the title of “National White Rose Sweetheart,” who is selected from among all other chapter sweethearts. The “National White Rose Sweetheart” is the Fraternity’s guest at the summer national meeting of the Fraternity, and is recognized at the annual Awards Banquet. The recipient receives a scholarship from the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation.

Tokens of Membership

Each new initiate of the Fraternity receives a membership certificate. Each of these is die stamped with the Coat-of-Arms in full color and bears the signature of the National President, the Chief Executive Officer, and Chapter President. Replacements of membership certificates may be ordered through the Sig Tau Marketplace.

Founders Day

Each chapter and affiliate group is asked to observe Founders Day on or near the June 28 anniversary of the Fraternity’s founding. Generally, a dinner with an appropriate program or ceremony is held.

Fellowship Day

Since Founders Day occurs during the summer months, a special day for celebrating Sigma Tau Gamma Fellowship is observed on February 28. Chapters and Alumni organizations are encouraged to conduct an inspirational program based on the Principles, Creed, and Ritual of the Fraternity.

Parents Day

Parents are a part of the extended Sigma Tau Gamma family. Many chapters sponsor annually a Parents Day during which parents become acquainted with the Fraternity. Some chapters have organized parent’s clubs. These clubs have proven most beneficial to the enhancement of social programs and housing.