Centennial Knight Nomination Form

Do you know an alumni or active brother who was so impactful the chapter’s history would not have been the same without him? The Centennial Committee is looking for these men of nobility from our first 100 years to be honored at Grand Conclave Kansas City and the Centennial Celebration.


  • Complete the nomination form below.
  • The deadline to submit brothers for recognition is October 15, 2019.
  • The Centennial Committee will vet the submitted recipients on a rolling basis with all being notified of their selection by March 2020.

The Centennial Committee strongly encourages each chapter or associate chapter (active or inactive) to work alongside its Alumni Association to submit brothers, including, if applicable, posthumous nominations. Each chapter is permitted to submit up to five (5) brothers in good standing from each decade (including partial decades) a chapter has been in existence. Some brothers have received national recognition in their brotherhood journey and will automatically be counted as Centennial Knights.

*These brothers do not count against a chapter’s limit of five per decade:

  • The 17 Founders of Sigma Tau Gamma
  • Brothers who were selected as Ellsworth C. Dent Finalists/Hall of Fame Members
  • Brothers who have served on the Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity Board of Directors
  • Brothers who have served as Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation Trustees
  • Brothers who have served as WPN National Housing Company Managers
  • Brothers who have served as Sigma Tau Gamma Regional Vice-Presidents
  • Recipients of the Winebrenner Distinguished Fraternity Service Award
  • Recipients of the Marvin Millsap Distinguished Foundation Service Medal
  • All Society of Seventeen Inductees