Educational Track Information

JUNE 27 – 30, 2019

The Endeavor Track

This track is open to all undergraduate members. The program will focus on developing men as individuals to be noble gentlemen, regardless of the community in which they live.

The men participating in the Endeavor Track will:

  • Speak up when no one else is willing and will do so with confidence
  • Remove their “cloak of invincibility.”
  • Redefine masculinity
  • Be a part of Building Noble Generations of Men

The Endeavor Track will cover the following concepts:

  • The man card
  • Men and masculinity
  • Confidence
  • Grit
  • Resiliency
  • Vision and leadership

The Lifelong Membership Track

This track is open to juniors, seniors, recent graduates, and young alumni (three years or less post-graduation). This track will focus on life after graduation, holding gainful employment, life skills, and lifelong membership in Sig Tau.

The men participating in the Lifelong Membership Track will:

  • Interview with poise and confidence
  • Represent themselves well to peers and coworkers
  • Define success
  • Commit themselves to “Sig Tau for Life.”

The Lifelong Membership will cover the following concepts:

    • Seeking employment
    • Resume building
    • Financial integrity
    • Culture and style
    • Grit & resiliency
  • Vision and legacy plans

Alumni Sessions

This year educational sessions are created just for Alumni. Alumni can attend five sessions throughout the weekend to engage with other alumni, learn more about the organization and its future, and hear first-hand from current students about their Sig Tau experience. Read below for a description for each available session.

    • Fraternity/Foundation/ WPN Overview – In this session, alumni members will have the opportunity to hear from the Headquarters Staff regarding updates, major accomplishments, and new initiatives within the three entities of Sigma Tau Gamma. This session will provide a snapshot of recent fraternity activity and an opportunity to engage with staff.
    • The Changing Face of Fraternities – This session will focus on the current events and challenges plaguing the fraternity and sorority world. Learn how events such as Penn State, hard alcohol ban, hazing coalition, and Harvard, are impacting the way fraternities operate, and how we must adapt to remain purposeful on the American college campus.
    • Opportunities for Alumni Engagement – The hallmark of every great chapter is having a strong, dedicated alumnus to guide and support the undergraduate men during their journey in the chapter. Additionally, there continue to become more opportunities to serve the national organization through committees and national volunteer roles. Attend this session to learn about the opportunities available for you to donate your time and experience to deserving undergraduates.
    • The Undergraduate Experience – Understanding the changing face of the American college campus is essential to the future of fraternal success and longevity. During this session, you will have the opportunity to hear first-hand from the Fraternity’s best and brightest students who will share stories about their experience, as well as answer questions from alumni about the impact of Sigma Tau Gamma in 2019.
  • The Centennial and Beyond – The 100th birthday of Sigma Tau Gamma is approaching rapidly. This session will provide an overview of the 2020 Centennial experience as well as a brief outlook pertaining to the 2025 strategic plan and the direction of Sigma Tau Gamma for the future. This session will also serve as an opportunity to ask questions to some of our national volunteers and their perspective regarding the future of the organization.

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