Packing & Accommodations


The dress code for Noble Man Institute is casual. Jeans, shorts/pants and appropriate Sig Tau apparel will be sufficient. We will be outside on a ropes course for Saturday afternoon’s program, and close-toed shoes are required.

Please bring weather appropriate clothing!

Historical average weather data for November:


Noble Man Institute takes place at campsite facilities. Participants will need to bring their own linens or a sleeping bag, and pillow. If you forget, linens are available from the campsite for a charge. Sleeping accommodations are heated cabins with bunk beds and en-suite bathrooms. Don’t forget to bring your toiletries and a towel.

Do not bring knives, guns, or other weapons, expensive items, alcohol or drugs.


If you wish to enjoy beverage other than water outside of mealtime, you may bring your own drinks. (e.g. Coke, Red Bull, Gatorade) You will be provided with Friday dinner and late-night snacks; Saturday breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late-night snacks; and Sunday breakfast and lunch.

You are encouraged to bring a water bottle.