Below you will find answers to many common questions about the Founders Day Challenge.

What is the Founders Day Challenge?

This is the fifth annual Founders Day Challenge. Our goal for Sig Tau alumni, undergraduates, parents, and friends is to come together for 99 days of celebration and giving to make an immediate impact on the future of Sig Tau.

Can anyone participate in the Founders Day Challenge?

Absolutely. Support from the ENTIRE Sig Tau community is what makes our Fraternity remarkable! No matter the designation or amount, your donation will be counted toward our Founders Day Challenge goal of $99,000.

What is a Giving Ambassador?

Ambassadors are Sig Tau’s digital leaders, sharing messages and creating excitement about the Challenge before and during the campaign. With an investment of a few minutes, Ambassadors help spread awareness—asking their network to participate in the Founders Day Challenge using their preferred forms of communication: email, text, phone, and social media. If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, you can register online or email noblemen@sigtau.org with questions.

Where should I direct my gift?

You decide! Support Sig Tau in a way that is important to YOU. Whether it’s making higher education possible or inspiring leadership development, your gift makes a difference in your local community and across the country.
From annual gifts making an immediate impact to endowed funds lasting for generations, every gift to the Sig Tau Foundation ensures the programs will be available for the next 99 years of our brotherhood

What are challenge and matching gifts?

Challenge and matching gifts help increase support. Participating in challenge and matching opportunities during the Founders Day Challenge is a great way to multiply the impact of your support. A complete list of challenges will be on the Challenges page, and active matches and challenges can be viewed on the main landing page and participating group landing page for the specific area.

Don’t forget, anyone can create a challenge or matching opportunity!

I want to create my own challenge or match, how do I get involved?

Thank you! To set up a challenge or match prior to March 23, please contact HQ at noblemen@sigtau.org or call 317-644-1920.

Can I make a gift before the Founders Day Challenge starts on and have it count?

If you wish to support the Founders Day Challenge before March 23, please contact HQ at noblemen@sigtau.org or call 317-644-1920. Remember the deadline for giving is June 30, 2019 at 11:59 PM.

Can my donation be anonymous?

Yes, you can make your gift anonymously by simply selecting the box on the giving form.

Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes! Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation is its own distinct legal entity, considered a public charity (501c3) by the federal government and is separate from the Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity. The Foundation’s function as a charitable and educational foundation is the primary reason for its existence.

Are employer matching gifts accepted?

Yes, but due to processing restrictions, matching gifts may not be counted in the overall dollar total for the Founders Day Challenge.

Matching gifts from the company or organization you work for double the impact of your gift. See if your employer might match your gift.

Do I have to make my gift online?

Please contact HQ at noblemen@sigtau.orgor call 317-644-1920 to learn about other ways to participate in the Challenge.

Still have questions?

Call HQ at 317-644-1920 or by email at noblemen@sigtau.org.