Educational Programming

Investing in leadership programming like the Webb Academy and Noble Man Institute challenges our members to live courageously and nobly lead others. These programs encourage Sig Taus to challenge themselves and their brothers, as well as lead with integrity.

Noble Man Institute

Noble Man Institute is an exciting retreat-based leadership program for newly initiated brothers of Sigma Tau Gamma with a curriculum based on Kouzes & Posner’s book, Leadership Challenge. In many ways, this is the Fraternity’s national new member welcome program. The Institute centers around our six principles while bringing together alumni and undergraduate members of Sigma Tau Gamma from across our regions to develop leadership skills, expand knowledge of the fraternity, and facilitate team building. Undergraduates participate in large and small group activities, including outdoor ropes course-based activities in four different regional sites.

Sponsor an Undergraduate

Webb Academy

This longstanding flagship program of Sig Tau is the annual leadership training event for newly elected presidents, vice presidents of membership, and vice presidents of finance. This event is held each January in Kansas City, Missouri. The program began in 1985 and was only for newly elected chapter presidents, but has since been expanded. The travel, lodging, and meal costs for undergraduates to attend are kept to a minimum and offset by donor support.

Grand Conclave

This supreme governing body of Sigma Tau Gamma brings together generations of members to determine the direction of the Fraternity in the coming years. The gathering was held sporadically until 1946 when a reliable biennial schedule was established. The location of Grand Conclave changes allowing members to not only enjoy the camaraderie of one another but also experience the excitement and sites of a new city. At Grand Conclave, guests will enjoy fraternal brotherhood through speakers, workshops, banquets, ritual and recognition ceremonies. The Brotherhood also elects the Fraternity President and Board of Directors, considers legislation, amendments to the Constitution and Laws and learns about Fraternity programs.

Endeavor Conference

This program reminds us of our past, our courageousness to endeavor forward and the promise of our future.Once every two years, we gather together in major cities to talk about big ideas, participate in educational sessions, networking opportunities and social events encouraging our members to not only enjoy the camaraderie of one another but also experience the excitement and sites of a new city. This program is an opportunity for participants to play an active part in Sigma Tau Gamma’s Purpose. Alumni and Undergraduate members address organizational challenges and opportunities which, can be replicable across chapters and time and recognizable as ours so as to be discernable from our competition.