Individual Awards & Scholarships

Sig Tau honors recipients of the Fraternity’s Individual Awards every summer at either the Endeavor Conference or Grand Conclave. Interested in learning more about each of the awards and scholarships or wish to apply for one of the prestigious awards, browse the list below or the following pages for more information.

Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award (Alumnus)

Distinguished Young Alumni Achievement Award (Alumnus)

Ellsworth C. Dent “Man of the Year Award” (Alumnus/Undergraduate)

Marvin Millsap Medal for Distinguished Foundation Service (Alumnus)

Michael J. Steinbeck Graduate Scholarship (Alumnus/Undergraduate)

Stan Musial and Eric Hillman Sportsmanship Award (Undergraduate)

National White Rose Scholarship (Non-Member)

Ted and Theresa Priem Undergraduate Scholarship (Undergraduate)

Professor O.F. Grubbs Distinguished Advisor (Alumnus/Non-member)

D. Kenneth Winebrenner Medal for Distinguished Fraternity Service (Alumnus)

Noble Man Hall of Fame (Undergraduate)

Young Professional of the Year (Alumnus)

Principle of Learning Award (Undergraduate)

Principle of Integrity Award (Undergraduate)

Principle of Excellence Award (Undergraduate)

Principle of Leadership Award (Undergraduate)

Principle of Citizenship Award (Undergraduate)

Principle of Brotherhood Award (Undergraduate)