Chapter Standards

1. Recruitment

Chapters should be as large as the campus average of fraternities. Great chapters will always exceed the minimum.

2. Retention

Initiate at least 90% of your associates each term.

3. Chapter Cumulative GPA

Maintain a chapter minimum 2.75 semester GPA.

4. Associate Member GPA

Recruit men with a 2.5 GPA or higher.

5. Meeting Attendance

The President, Director of Recruitment, Director of Finance, and Director of Community Engagement attend Webb Academy; at least four (4) members attend Grand Conclave or Endeavor Conference each summer.

6. Campus Involvement

At least 10% of your membership are officers or captains of student organizations and teams.

7. Path of Principles

Conduct a 4-week new member education program and a 4-week post initiation education program.

8. Philanthropy & Service

Support Special Olympics; a local chapter charitable partner; and the charitable event of another fraternity, sorority, a campus organization.

9. Accounts Receivable

All current term invoices paid by December 31 and April 15. Great chapters have zero debt at the end of the year.

10. Risk Management

Zero member safety violations. If something occurs, Headquarters is notified within 24 hours.