Sig Tau seeks to partner with leading institutions that provide an environment in which our collegiate members can work to be a fraternity of courageous and noble gentlemen who always endeavor forward. This individual and group development are mutually beneficial to the campus fraternity and sorority community and Sig Tau.

Sig Tau’s Recruitment and Growth staff continuously evaluate new expansion opportunities. Staff actively seeks out top-tier institutions where Sig Tau is currently absent and determines the opportunity for new or restarted chapters. When approved by university officials, Recruitment and Growth staff organizes a new Associate Chapter through comprehensive recruitment efforts and mentor the group as it develops.

If you are a Campus Professional and would like to request more information about Sig Tau’s expansion policies, please complete the form to set up a time to speak with our Recruitment and Growth staff.

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If you are a student, and Sig Tau doesn’t currently have a chapter on your campus, please complete the form to begin the process of starting a chapter!

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