Emergency Procedures

It is the duty of the chapter president to review all emergency/crisis procedures at the start of each semester so that all officers and members understand their responsibilities in the event of an unexpected situation. Share a copy of this document at the start of each academic year with campus police and the fraternity/sorority advisor so that they can ensure that you are compliant with university policies and procedures. The lead advisor and members of the chapter advisory team should also receive and review the document.

Chapter President should review the following information with the Executive Board and the chapter:

Examples of emergency situations:

  • Active shooter/bomb threat
  • Fire
  • Tornado/natural disaster
  • Chemical leak/spill
  • Death of a member
  • Serious injury
  • Drug or alcohol-related medical emergency

Who is in charge

  • In the event of an emergency, the chapter president or next highest ranking officer (present) should carry out the details of the action plan specific to the situation. Members should defer to university or first responder personnel when present.

Chapter cooperation

  • In the event of an emergency, it is important to listen and take direction. Members should act swiftly within the best interest of member/guest safety.

Talking to non-members (i.e. media and emergency personnel)

  • If there has been an incident involving the chapter, all members should defer media/journalist questions to the chapter president. Before speaking to the media, the chapter president should seek direction from Fraternity HQ.

Taking someone to the hospital

  • If at any point the well-being of a member or guest is in jeopardy, ask the individual if they would like an ambulance to be called for their care. If they are unable to respond, call 911 immediately. If you are transporting someone to the hospital for a medical/alcohol-related emergency, notify your chapter president so that he may notify the proper officials. You have a duty to care for your members and guests; safety matters. Do not risk someone’s life for fear of punishment.

Who do you inform?

  • In the event of an emergency, please notify the following individuals below (in order), once you have called 911.
    • Lead Advisor
    • Fraternity HQ (317-644-1920)
    • University Fraternity/Sorority Advisor