Membership Expulsion

The decision to expel a member should be reserved for egregious actions and as a last resort for members who are not willing to correct negative behaviors. When a member is recommended for expulsion, a Petition for Expulsion Form must be completed and sent with the necessary documentation to the Chapter Advisory Team within 48 hours of a decision.

The Chapter Advisory Team will have five days to review and agree or disagree with the expulsion and submit the Petition for Expulsion Form to Sigma Tau Gamma Headquarters at or P.O. Box 54 Warrensburg, MO 64093.

If a Chapter Advisory Team disagrees with a Petition for Expulsion, the Standards Board shall reconvene to determine appropriate sanctions. If no Chapter Advisory Team exists, the chapter will send the Petition for Expulsion directly to Headquarters.

Petition for Expulsion Form

Request to Reconsider Expulsion Form