House Operation Resources

WPN properties will benefit from a catalog of resources to assist the chapter in operating their house including:

Facility Opening Procedures:

Facility Management Procedures:

Life Safety Procedures:

Facility Closing Procedures:

House Managers:

House Managers are vital to running and maintaining a chapter facility. They are often a graduate student brother or respected undergraduate member who works in close collaboration with WPN Staff to help manage the facility on the ground level. The House Manager sits on the Executive Cabinet as the liaison between the chapter and WPN. In addition to the added leadership skills gained in the role, WPN House Managers can receive supportive benefits for the added responsibility of the role.

House Manager Responsibilities include:

  • The coordination and enforcement of the chapter house rules which apply to all members regardless of their housing status
  • Assign living space and facilitate check-in and check-out procedures
  • Manage a schedule of housekeeping duties for all members
  • Manage housekeeping and maintenance in coordination with WPN Housing or local house corporation
  • Manage procurement of house supplies including inspection of received items
  • Manage a file to store equipment warranties and equipment directions file

To learn more about how the WPN National Housing Company can assist your chapter, please feel free to contact Headquarters.