Delta Tau Chapter

Indiana State University

About the Chapter

The Delta Tau Chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Indiana began on April 7, 1990. Lenel C. Clay was the first president of the chapter and was one of five founding fathers. Over 280 men have called the Delta Tau Chapter home since its inception.

Fun Facts

  • Two-time Indiana State tug of war champions

Delta Tau Chapter History

The Delta Tau chapter at Indiana State University was founded on April 7, 1990, by Lenel C. Clay. He was the first president of the Delta Tau Chapter. Clay created the chapter because another local fraternity chapter rejected him. He proudly created Sigma Tau Gamma at Indiana State with the total of five members. The brothers’ parents assisted in getting the first house in Terre Haute. Since then, the chapter has owned a total of three houses, and they are all on the south side of the campus on fraternity row.

Delta Tau Chapter is a proud two-time tug of war champions and were recent winners of the intramural basketball.

The chapter’s alumni have a very diverse line of work. Some of the alumni are in the law enforcement protecting citizens, some are pilots, and some are in technology.

The Delta Tau Chapter is very active in various fundraising events helping the Special Olympics. Because Indiana State University helped found the Special Olympics program in the state of Indiana, it means a great deal for the Delta Tau Chapter to help any way they can.

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