Ceremonies & Songs


Ceremonies and Rituals
Members of Sigma Tau Gamma are bound together through a number of ceremonies and rituals that are based upon the Principles of the Fraternity. These are both public and private expressions of what members of Sigma Tau Gamma believe. Members should strive to live the Fraternity’s Ritual through their actions and habits.

Chain of Honor  (New Alumni) Ritual
This ritual recognizes Brothers who will be graduating at the end of the semester and welcomes them into the ranks of Alumni status. Frequently this ritual is hosted by the chapter’s alumni association, normally with a public reception afterward.

Association Ceremony*
This ceremony is where a candidate of the Fraternity becomes an Associate Member and occurs early in the Path of Principles Member Education Program, usually after receiving an accepting a bid for membership.

Chartering Ceremony*
After an Associate Chapter achieves its benchmarks and is approved to charter (full-chapter recognition), the chapter hosts a banquet and the Chartering Ceremony. During this ceremony, the chapter receives their ritual materials and other chapter artifacts, and chapter officers are sworn in, and the chapter receives their official charter from the National President.

Eternal Light Ceremony*
Following the death of a Brother departed, this ceremony memorializes the Brother that has passed and offers individuals who knew him time to remember and reminisce.

Download Eternal Light Ceremony

Initiation Ritual
This ritual is held at the end of the fourth week of the Path of Principles Member Education Program. Associate Members are elevated Brother and have full membership rights, which includes voting, meeting, and ability to hold officer positions.

Associate Chapter Installation Ceremony*
When new chapters form, staff, and chapter volunteers perform this ceremony which officially recognizes the newly established Associate Chapter, swears in Associate Chapter officers, and elevates recently recruited members to Associate Members.

Officer Installation Ritual
This ritual is the official swearing-in of new officers and commences their new term. This usually is the first meeting of the new calendar year and the start of spring semester.

Opening / Closing Meeting Ritual
This ritual is the official opening and closing of meetings at the local, regional, alumni, and national levels.

*Denotes public ceremony


Singing is a fun and important tradition in Sigma Tau Gamma and many fraternities.

The song traditionally sung at a White Rose event is “Rose of Sigma Tau,” not to be confused with “The White Rose”.

For a light and folksy tune, consider “What Became of Fred Brady’s Sig Tau Pin?”, the tale of a man, Fred Brady, Central Missouri ’23, that pledged the Founders in the fall of 1920 and ran off to Kansas to meet the girl of his dreams. Did he lose his roommates badge in the lake as he says, or did he give it to his Kansan sweetheart? We may never know!

Download the melodies to add them to your iTunes or another audio player. Some mobile phones may even be able to play them. Melodies do not include lyrics but will help your chapter enjoy these songs that bring light-hearted fun to any Sigma Tau Gamma function!

“A Toast to Sig Tau”

Sheet Music  |  Melody

“Brothers of Sigma Tau”

Sheet Music  |  Melody

“Come Loyal Brothers”

Sheet Music  |  Melody

“Men of Sigma Tau”

Sheet Music  |  Melody

“Our Own Toast”

Sheet Music  |  Melody

“Queen of the White Rose Ball”

Sheet Music  |  Melody

“Return of Thanks”

Sheet Music  |  Melody

“River of the Years”

Sheet Music  |  Melody

“Rose of Sigma Tau”

Sheet Music  |  Melody

“Sigma Tau for Life”

Sheet Music  |  Melody

“Sigma Tau Marching Song”

Sheet Music  |  Melody

“The Men Who Wear the Rose”

Sheet Music  |  Melody

“The Old Grad’s Song”

Sheet Music  |  Melody

“The White Rose”

Sheet Music  |  Melody

“What Became of Fred Brady’s Sig Tau Pin”

Sheet Music