Chapter Funds

As a Sig Tau undergraduate member, your chapter was the center of your world. It was where you made lifelong friendships and where you were shaped into the man you would become. Why not join in with your fellow chapter brothers and continue the enduring legacy at your chapter by contributing to the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation?

Support your chapter directly through a Chapter Fund. Chapter funds are created with directed tax-deductible gifts from individuals and grow through annual gifts from alumni. Funds can be easily requested and accessed by a designated chapter alumnus through a streamlined process. The restricted tax-deductible contributions are managed and invested by the Foundation.

Chapter Funds

A Chapter Fund is a restricted account in the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation. In this case, the restriction is that the funds and earnings on the investment of the funds may be used only for a particular chapter, meaning that if you donate to your chapter’s fund, it may only be used for your chapter.

Chapter Funds may be used to:

  • Award scholarships based on academic and leadership criteria
  • Technology grants for purchase and upgrade of chapter computer technology
  • Educational facility grants to the selected chapter
  • Leadership education grants for participation in institutes, seminars, and conventions.

The Foundation manages the fund. This management includes fund accounting, investing, and preparing required reports for the Internal Revenue Service. The policy of the Foundation board of trustees is to involve chapter alumni association leaders in the creation of criteria, formation of program priorities and selection of grant recipients.

How do I create a Chapter Fund for my chapter?

Simply send a donation to the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation earmarked for your chapter. For example say, “University of Central Missouri Chapter Fund” and we’ll establish the fund on your behalf.

Chapter Fund Grant Application