WPN Frequently Asked Questions

House Management

Who is required to live in the chapter facility or participate in the meal plan? WPN requires at least two executive cabinet members to reside in the chapter facility one of whom is the chapter president. WPN requires every live-in member to participate in the full meal plan if food service is available at their chapter facility. In addition to WPN policies, each chapter has its own bylaws outlining member occupancy and meal plan participation. Members should verify with their executive cabinet for their local expectations before signing an off-campus lease. 

How do I report maintenance concerns? All maintenance concerns should immediately be reported as a work order on Buildium.

What should I do if I lose my house/room key? Members should inform their house manager and report a lost key as a work order on Buildium. 

What pets are allowed at the chapter facility? Pets of any kind are not permitted in the chapter facility. A member may request an exception to the policy for an assistance animal by submitting the Assistance Animal Agreement to noblemen@sigtau.org

Can I fix the damage in the house myself? Members should report damages to the chapter facility on Buildium. Members are discouraged from attempting to fix damages themselves. 

Can I bring my firearm on property/in the house?  Firearms that are lawfully possessed under federal, state, and local laws may be kept in the chapter facility. All firearms must be unloaded and locked in a manner that prevents operation by anyone without the key or code. Ammunition shall be stored in a separate closed container not kept in close proximity to the firearm. Any violator may be subject to criminal prosecution, disciplinary action by the Chapter, and eviction from the chapter facility.

Can I stay at the house over breaks? The chapter facility does close over academic breaks (Thanksgiving, winter, and spring breaks). If a member needs to stay over breaks such as for academic coursework or work obligations, they can sign up to request approval to stay over break. The member should connect with their house manager to sign up on the Staying Over Break List.

When does the house open/close for breaks?  The chapter property will officially close on the Saturday before the break at 12:00 PM and open on the Saturday concluding the break at 12:00 PM. Anyone needing to stay later or arrive earlier than these times should connect with their house manager to sign up on the Staying Over Break List.

Is there housing available over the summer? Yes. If you have a 9-month contract term, members are welcome to contract for summer housing. This is offered at a reduced rated for the three-month term.  Members should submit a tenant application to receive a summer housing contract. Applications are due April 1 for the upcoming summer term. If you have a 12-month contract term, you’re already contracted to live in the chapter space throughout the summer. 

Is there storage available over the summer? Yes. Members are welcome to contract for summer storage-offered at a flat rate of $500 for the three-month term.  Members should submit a tenant application to receive a summer storage contract. Applications are due April 1 for the upcoming summer term. Storage isn’t available at all chapter facilities so members should check with their house manager or call WPN to confirm availability.

Can I sublease my room in the chapter facility? Yes. With WPN approval, members may sublease their room space to another member of the fraternity for a term of their contract. Members should email WPN Staff at noblemen@sigtau.org for additional instructions. Non-members are not permitted to reside in the chapter house. 

I can’t access my Buildium account. What should I do? Members should call our offices at 317-644-1920 for assistance with a password reset. 


What appliances are permitted? Small cooking appliances (coffee pots, microwave ovens, hot plates, popcorn poppers, or other personal cooking equipment) are permitted however should never be left unattended when in use. Electrical appliances should be unplugged when not in use. Space heaters and heat lamps are prohibited.

What room items are provided? Provided bedroom furniture varies from property to property. Members should connect with their house manager to confirm furnishings.

Can I make changes to my room?   Members are permitted to make temporary changes to their room including displaying decorations. Permanent changes of any form using glue, nails, screws, staples are not permitted. Painting, staining, or alterations, in any form, of any permanent surface in the room, is not permitted without the prior written approval from WPN. Residents will be held financially responsible for fees associated with repairing damage to or restoring walls, windows, ceilings, floors, doors, locks, fixtures, etc.

What cleaning is done before move-in? The entire chapter facility receives a deep clean over the summer before members move in including all bathrooms, common areas, and bedrooms.

There were damages in my space when I moved in. How do I report this so I’m not charged for them? All members are required to complete the Resident Check-in Agreement to note the condition of the chapter facility upon move-in. The Resident Check-in Agreement and any supporting documentation are due by September 1 to noblemen@sigtau.org.

Is renter’s insurance required? Per the individual housing contract, members shall purchase insurance coverage to protect against loss to member’s property at the chapter facility including personal items and vehicles. Members can upload their insurance coverage plan details onto their Buildium account.

Can I move into the chapter house before my contract date?  Moving in before the contract term start date is prohibited. Prior to move-in, the chapter facility undergoes a deep cleaning and maintenance to ensure it’s ready for the next set of members.


If I’m living at the house again next year, do I have to move out? Members with 12-month contracts are not required to move their belongings out between contracts.  These individuals understand their room space will not receive a deep clean if they are residing in the same room space. If the member is changing rooms, they must pack their belongings and place them in the center of the room by July 31 to allow for room cleaning in between residents. Members with a 9-month contract term do need to fully move out between contracts. Summer housing and storage contracts are available for 9-month properties.

Can I leave furniture in my room that will be passed on to another member?  Upon the end of the contract term, members are expected to remove all belongings including furniture from the room space. Any requests to retain furniture in the space which is not the property of the chapter or WPN can be submitted to WPN at noblemen@sigtau.org. The only furniture permitted to remain in the room are chapter or WPN owned furnishings.

How are damage charges assessed? WPN Staff and/or their designee will complete property inspections throughout the year, usually around winter and summer break. WPN Staff will cross-reference the list of damages with any notes on the member’s completed Resident Check-in Agreement to verify if the damage was or wasn’t present upon move in. Any charges associated with damages are passed on to the individual(s) responsible for the damage. If the individual(s) responsible are not identified, the damage charges are equally split among all individuals living within the chapter facility.

What do I need to do for moving out? Members should fully remove their personal belongings and trash, conduct a light cleaning, close any windows and blinds, turn off the light and return their key. Electronic communications, posted fliers and an end of the year meeting will be presented to review move-out expectations.

Meal Plan

I have a special dietary need. How can I be released from my meal plan contract? All food service providers at chapter facilities are able and willing to meet any dietary needs including allergies, intolerances, preferences, or restrictions a member may have. Members must notify the house manager and the chef of their needs at the beginning of the term. Members will not be released from their meal plan contract for any scenarios where the foodservice company will be able to accommodate and provide a quality meal based on the member’s individual needs. 

I am in class when lunch and/or dinner is served. How can I still use my meal plan? Via the food service provider’s app, you can request a “late plate.” This is a prepared to-go food container for you. All you have to do is request one in advance and a late plate will be available for you.

What is on the food menu? Via the food service provider’s app, you can view the upcoming menu for the week(s). You can also ask your house chef to print out the weekly menu. Many chapters have a “food committee” to review the menu and offer suggestions to meet any food preferences of the chapter. 

I didn’t like the food served today. How can we provide feedback? Via the food service provider’s app, you can provide a meal satisfaction rating and specific feedback. Members are encouraged to use these features regularly as the chefs want to serve food you like and want to eat!

Who is required to be on the meal plan? All members who live in the chapter house are required to be on the full meal plan if food service is provided. 

I don’t live in the house; can I join the house meal plan? Yes! Live-out members can join the meal plan. Just submit a tenant application to receive a meal plan contract. 

I want to drop the meal plan. What do I need to do? You can request a contract cancellation from the executive cabinet who will provide written notification to WPN.  Meal plan cancellations are subject to a $500 cancellation fee. Contract cancellations will be accepted through October 15 for the fall semester and February 15 for the spring semester. 

When is food served? In general, food service is available based on the academic calendar when classes are in session. Each chapter facility has varying meal service times. Members should check with their house manager for their chapter’s meal service times. 


When are payments due? Financial obligations of a contract are due on the first day of each month or the first day of the semester term depending on the payment schedule selected in your contract. The first payment for the fall semester is August 1. The first payment for the spring semester is January 1. The first payment for the summer semester is May 1. 

How much is the late fee? A $50.00 late fee is automatically applied to any account with an outstanding balance on the second day of each month.

When is my deposit due? Per the individual housing contract, the $500 deposit is due upon executing the contract but no later than December 31.

When will I get my security deposit back? Security deposits will be returned minus any outstanding balances or damage charges within 30 days of the end of the contract term. The deposit will be postal mailed to the home address on file in Buildium. Members are responsible for updating their Buildium account to notify WPN of an address change. 

If I’m returning to the house next year, do I have to pay the security deposit again? No. Your security deposit will roll over onto your new contract.

Is rent or the meal plan charge pro-rated for months with reduced use?  Rent and the meal plan expense are not pro-rated. The overall yearly expense has been divided into equal payments.

What is included in my rent? A lot! Rent covers many expenses of the property including electric/gas, water, sewer, internet, cable, trash removal, laundry facilities, pest control, grounds upkeep, home and cleaning supplies, cleaning service, life safety maintenance and monitoring, basic home upkeep, and more.

What other fees are there? A parking pass or house meal plan, if available at your chapter facility.  If there are damages to the chapter facility (personal room or common areas,) there could be additional damage charges. Please see the Other Fees portion in the contract for more information.

I received a late fee notice or past due balance email but I thought I had already paid. What happened? This means there is an outstanding balance on your Buildium account. Members have an account with Buildium for chapter facility-related expenses as well as an account on mySigTau/OmegaFi for chapter dues. Members are encouraged to check both accounts for verification. Please call WPN Staff at 317-644-1920 if you need further assistance. 

Is a guarantor required? Yes. This individual is who can guarantee fulfillment of the financial expenses of the contract if the member were delinquent. This individual would also serve as your emergency point of contact.

I would like to cancel my housing or meal plan contract. What do I need to do? You can request a contract cancellation from the executive cabinet who will provide written notification to WPN. Cancellations are subject to a $500 cancellation fee and the loss of the security deposit. Contract cancellations will be accepted through October 15 for the fall semester and February 15 for the spring semester.