WPN Resident Check-In/Out Agreement

    For each item of the property, thoroughly inspect the condition. Provide a detailed description of the condition and pictures if there is damage, concern or maintenance needed. The Resident Check-In Agreement is due September 1st to noblemen@sigtau.org.

    I have examined the chapter facility prior to my occupancy and have made note of the condition, problems, or damaged items for the purpose of protecting my security deposit. Failure to fully complete this document by providing descriptive, detailed information and photos, could result in a reduction of the security deposit. I understand that upon vacating this room, I may be held responsible for any damages to the chapter facility including bedroom, bathroom, and common areas other than those listed above. I further acknowledge that I have been assigned room keys and that I am responsible for any costs that may be incurred in the event of the loss of said key(s).

    I have read, understand, and fully completed this document.