Noble Man Institute

1-6-noble-man-instituteNovember 8-10 & November 15-17 2019

November 8-10, 2019

  • Dallas, Texas – Ascend Camp & Retreat Center
  • Hardwick, New Jersey – YMCA Camp Mason

November 15-17, 2019

  • Burlington, Wisconsin – YMCA Camp MacLean
  • Greenville, South Carolina – YMCA Camp Greenville

Noble Man Institute is an exciting retreat-based leadership program for newly initiated members of Sigma Tau Gamma based on Kouzes & Posner’s book, “Leadership Challenge.” In many ways, this is the Fraternity’s national new member development program and is often the first time that members interact with the National Fraternity. The Institute centers around our six principles while bringing together alumni and undergraduate members of Sigma Tau Gamma from across our regions to develop leadership skills, expand knowledge of the fraternity, and facilitate team building. Undergraduates will participate in large and small group activities including outdoor ropes course-based activities.

Noble Man Institute is fully funded by the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation. Donations to the Foundation by generous undergraduates, alumni, and friends of Sig Tau make programs like this possible. We thank you for your support.

After attending Noble Man Institute, undergraduates can expect to:

  • Describe their personal values and the six Principles of Sigma Tau Gamma.
  • Explain the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership and identify their highest practice.
  • Compare and contrast the difference between fraternal ideals and behaviors.
  • Articulate ways to make a difference in their chapter and community.
  • Describe a growth mindset and employ strategies to bounce back from failure.
  • Recognize the importance that fraternity membership plays on personal development and lifelong success.
  • Create a vision for their self and their chapter to move towards the fraternal ideals

Who can attend?
Participants must be newly initiated members of Sigma Tau Gamma during the 2019 calendar year (Spring ’19 or Fall ’19) to participate in this program. Registration is accepted on a first come first served basis with a maximum attendance of 80 participants per site.

Why should I attend?
Noble Man Institute has proven to be a highly engaging and beneficial program for our newest members of the Fraternity. By tracking attendance at Noble Man Institute and Webb Academy, we have found an increasingly significant correlation between attendance at Noble Man Institute and later serving as an Executive Cabinet member. By analyzing participant survey data over the past two years, we have seen overwhelmingly positive feedback. 97% of attendees say that Noble Man Institute is a great program and that they would recommend attending to new members of Sig Tau.

Comments from Past Participants:

“I had a great time. The experience was great, helpful, really informative, provided new and fresh info. I am a new member and the whole experience gives you a new point of view.”

“It was one of the best leadership camps I’ve attended.”

“It was an awesome time and I feel I’m a better leader because of what I learned and met a ton of brothers.”

“The Institute helped me focus my plans on what I need to become a better Sig Tau and further my chapter.”

What should I pack?
Participants should pack casual clothing. Pack jackets and outdoor attire or active wear along with tennis shoes, as Saturday morning’s activities will take place on an outdoor ropes course. Toiletries, towels, a sleeping bag or linens, and pillow are also required as linens are not provided.

Accommodations and Meals
All Noble Man Institute sites are at camp facilities. Participants will bring their own linens or a sleeping bag and pillow. Lodging will be provided in heated cabin facilities. All cabins are equipped with bathrooms and showers. All meals during the program are provided. Dietary Restrictions can be accommodated, but they must be communicated while registering.

As is the case with all national programs, transportation to and from Noble Man Institute is the responsibility of the participant. Noble Man Institute takes place at rural campsites which are over an hour’s drive from the nearest airport. No transportation to and from the airport will be provided. All participants are strongly encouraged to drive in to Noble Man Institute. A list of attendees at your campsite will be sent to you once registration closes so that if possible, you can coordinate a carpool with nearby members/chapters.

Additional Information
Noble Man Institute is a substance-free program. Members found in violation will be dismissed from the program, their chapter will be billed a $200 no-show fee, and the member will be referred to the Chapter Standards Board.

Questions about Noble Man Institute can be directed to Assistant Director of Education & Wellness, Ben Nelson at