Tenant Application and Contracting

Are you interested in living in the SigTau chapter house, joining the house meal plan, or securing a house parking pass? Follow these steps to secure your spot!

  • Step 1: Submit your application. Applications are due by November 15 for the following school year.

Access the Tenant Application

  • Step 2: Check your email, review, and sign the contract electronically.
    • The contract will be sent to you via email within five business days with the Subject Line: “Signature Requested on Lease Agreement” through Adobe.
  • Step 3: Complete the contract by December 15.
    • The contract is to be electronically signed by the member, guarantor, and executive cabinet representative to be considered complete.
  • Step 4: Check your email for an invitation to Activate your Buildium account.
    • The subject line will be “Welcome to your new resident site with WPN National Housing Company”.
    • Check out this short video on how to use Buildium.
  • Step 5: Pay your security deposit by December 31.
    • Once you’ve activated your Buildium account, you can log in to pay your $500 security deposit online. 

Who completes the contract? Each contract must be completed by the member himself, the guarantor, and the chapter’s director of finance & operations. Each person is individually emailed their own unique link to review and sign the contract.

As a guarantor, why can’t I select all boxes of the contract including payment schedule or term? The majority of the selections on the contract are to be completed by the member with whom the contract is held. The guarantor’s obligation on the contract is primarily the “Guarantor Page.”

Can the contract be cancelled later? The contract is a legally binding agreement with cancellation terms. If an individual would like to cancel their contract, they must seek approval from the chapter leadership who will provide written approval to WPN National Housing Company, LLC. 

Do you have more questions about living in the Sig Tau chapter house, the meal plan, or contracts? Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.