White Rose Brick Courtyard

In 2017, the Fraternity Board of Directors made the decision to relocate the Headquarters of Sigma Tau Gamma to Indianapolis, Indiana. Thoughtful consideration and care was given to how the new location would be filled with meaningful historical artifacts and truly tell the nearly 100-year story of Sigma Tau Gamma.

One important piece of Sig Tau’s history includes the brick pavers that were a part of the Brick by Brick campaign at the White Rose Pavilion in Warrensburg, Missouri. The bricks were transported to Indianapolis and placed in the walkway that not only leads visitors to the main entrance of the building, but leads visitors to the seven-foot tall Coat of Arms. They were placed as a prominent reminder of the loyal support so many have given to Sig Tau.

With a gift of $200 or more to the Endeavor Forward Leadership Fund, you can secure your permanent place at Sig Tau Headquarters, while also funding the growth and development of Sig Tau’s undergraduate members.

To support the Endeavor Forward Leadership Fund with a brick sponsorship, submit the White Rose Brick Courtyard Order Form to Sigma Tau Gamma Headquarters, 8741 Founders Road, Indianapolis, IN 46268-1338. You can download and complete the form, or complete the form digitally. If you prefer to make your gift online, please visit sigtau.org/donate.