Board of Trustees

The Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation is governed by the Foundation Board of Trustees who are responsible for the management and oversight of the Foundation. They actively serve on committees, manage Foundation assets, and financially support the vision of the Foundation.

Board of Trustees Officers

Chairman Shawn Kelly, UW – River Falls
VC – Investments D.W. Cole, Truman State
VC – Stewardship Mike Van Camp, Indiana State
VC – Audit & Finance Paul Szczesny, Michigan Tech.
VC – Fundraising Jeff Russo, Carnegie Mellon
Past Chairman – Michael Schermer, Illinois State

Board of Trustees

John Barger, Murray State
Brad Bartels, Iowa
John Espy, Marshall
Ben Holdren, Concord
Ed Jimenez, Central Missouri
Michael Matznick, Illinois State
Paul Motin, Winona State
Carl Mueller, Truman State
Paul Mueller, Cleveland State
Matt Rea, St. Louis
Clayton Whitehead, Georgia

Trustee Emeritus

*W.P. “Buz” Barlow, Jr., JD, UW – Oshkosh
Robert Bernier, Kent State
Joseph Feldhouse, Cleveland State
*William J Hardebeck, Harris–Stowe
*W.T. “Bill” Hembree, Pittsburg State
*Kenley Hoover, IU Pennsylvania
Eric Hillman, Concord
Payton “Pat” Phelps, Southeastern Oklahoma
Ronald Roskens, Northern Iowa
R. Michael Webb, Central Missouri
*Thomas Wood, Southeast Missouri

*denotes Board of Trustees Past Chairman