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Pillars for Purpose Campaign

Sigma Tau Gamma’s Pillars for Purpose Fundraising Campaign focuses on six pillars the Foundation helps support.
  • Leadership Opportunities – We know this means more than being a chapter officer. Leadership opportunities come from both inside and outside the chapter.
  • Scholarship – Not just monetary awards, but a structure that encourages and recognizes academic success.
  • Networking – Opportunities and career advice can be catalysts for young men to take that next step in their career, land that internship, or tackle a new project.
  • Mentorship – More than ever, young men need mentors in all areas of life, not just academics & careers.
  • Citizenship – The rights and responsibilities of being a man in today’s society.
  • A Sense of Belonging – Ironically, with technology and social media, the world for many today feels more lonely than ever.

Sigma Tau Gamma is a worthwhile charity in many ways, and the ability to help young men become upstanding community members, servant leaders, and future role models for the next generation is a noble endeavor.

Support the Pillars for Purpose Campaign

Endeavor Forward Leadership Fund

Noble Man Annual Fund

This annual campaign supports areas of greatest need for the Fraternity – funding national leadership programming, scholarships and grants, and leadership focused chapter support.

Give to the Noble Man Annual Fund

Endeavor Forward Leadership Fund

Please contact Sig Tau HQ for more information about the Endeavor Forward Leadership Fund and opportunities to support the Sig Tau Foundation through this restricted giving campaign at 317-644-1920 or

Memorial and Honor Gifts

A memorial gift or a gift in honor of a brother is an appropriate way to recognize a special Sig Tau, while at the same time making an impact on our brotherhood.

After a contribution is made in memory or in honor, an acknowledgment letter will be sent to the person(s) you designate and a tax receipt will be sent to you. We do not specify the amount of the donation unless you request it.

As with any contribution, memorial and honor donations to the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation are fully tax-deductible as provided by law.

Make a Memorial Gift

Parents & Friends

Every year, Sig Tau parents, spouses, widows, and other friends of the Fraternity support the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation. It is an honor to be recognized by those who are not Sig Taus, but believe in Sig Tau’s mission to produce generations of noble men yet to come:

  • Chapter Fund – Invest in a chapter. The money collected in the chapter’s fund stays within the chapter to promote scholarships or financial assistance to leadership programs.
  • The Noble Man Annual Fund – This is the general fund of the Foundation, which aids the Webb Academy, scholarship recognition, leadership consultants, and communication for the Fraternity.