Donor Recognition

Whether you give every year or include Sigma Tau Gamma in your estate or retirement plans, Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation strives to honor the many ways you choose to support your Fraternity. Join this dedicated community of donors and impact generations of Sig Taus.

Each year, generous donors provide many thousands of dollars in scholarship and leadership grants, staff support, and training programs that advance Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity’s mission. We recognize many donors through various giving societies:

Annual Giving Clubs

Azure and White Club

Undergraduate donors who give at least $19.20 in a fiscal year.

Club 1920

Club 1920 are young alumni to who make a monthly gift of $19.20 in support of the Noble Man Annual Fund.

100 Noble Men

The 100 Noble Men, through an annual gift to the Foundation, ensure that programmings such as the Noble Man Institute, Earl A. Webb Academy of Principled Leadership, and scholarship opportunities continue to exist year after year, by providing the Fraternity with a consistent income stream.  The annual gift amount to become one of the 100 Noble Men is $1,000. This gift can be renewed year over year to retain membership in this exclusive donor club.

Sigma Tau Gamma will only succeed if we all take to heart the words of our benefactor and Brother Marvin Millsap, Central Missouri: “No man can do everything, but every man can do something…and that which he can do, he should do.”

Members of the 100 Noble Men will be invited to attend the events their contributions make possible, where they will be recognized and will also have a chance to participate in the education of our undergraduate brothers.  It is a powerful expression of fraternity when undergraduate brothers have the opportunity to interact with alumni and understand their lifelong commitment to Sigma Tau Gamma.

If you are interested in joining the inaugural class of 100 Noble Men, please contact the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation staff.

Lifetime Giving Societies

House of Trotter Lifetime Giving Societies

Donors of exceptional generosity whose lifetime giving of at least $1,000.00 or 10 years of consecutive giving are given special recognition through Sig Tau’s Lifetime Giving Societies.

Wilson C. Morris Fellowship – Members and non-members who donate more than $1,000.00 have demonstrated a deep commitment to the Fraternity and are recognized with the Wilson C. Morris Fellowship, named for the Fraternity’s first chapter advisor. First-time fellows receive an official Wilson C. Morris Fellowship medal.

Link Society – Lifetime giving greater than $2,500.00 or 10 years of consecutive giving

  • When a man receives a bid to join Sigma Tau Gamma, he becomes a link in the organization’s chain. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and by first extending an invitation of membership, Sig Tau recognizes that this person will not weaken its chain.

Badge Society – Lifetime giving greater than $5,000.00 or 15 years of consecutive giving

  • When a man gets initiated into Sigma Tau Gamma, he is presented with a badge to signify his membership in the Fraternity. This level lets others know of his affiliation and should be worn with pride.

Grip & Token Society – Lifetime giving greater than $10,000.00 or 20 years of consecutive giving

  • During the initiation ceremony, members are taught the grip and token of the Fraternity. While the badge of Sigma Tau Gamma signifies to the outside world that a man is a member of the Fraternity, the grip and token are secrets that only members of Sigma Tau Gamma will understand.

Principle Society – Lifetime giving greater than $25,000.00

  • As an initiated member of the Fraternity, members are expected to live their life according to our six principles. This level is the next step in being a member, living it every day.

Ritual Society – Lifetime giving greater than $50,000.00

  • As members of Sigma Tau Gamma continue to live by our principles, we invite others to join in our brotherhood. The next level of brotherhood is recruiting new men to join and mentoring them to elevate their own selves. Through this mentorship, whether formal or informal, brothers eventually share the Sigma Tau Gamma ritual with others through initiation.

Legacy Society – Lifetime giving greater than $100,000.00

  • Each member of Sigma Tau Gamma strives to improve his chapter. As both an undergraduate and alumnus, each man wishes to see his chapter succeed and leaves behind a legacy of the good work he does.

Endeavor Society – Lifetime giving greater than $250,000.00

  • Sigma Tau Gamma brothers always endeavor to be a more principled man. It is a constant pursuit that is about the journey to always bettering ourselves.

Noble Society – Lifetime giving greater than $500,000.00

  • During the Middle Ages, knighthood was bestowed upon individuals to grant a title of nobility upon those who had earned it. This rank is largely associated with the ideals of courage and honor. As the Knight is a symbol of Sigma Tau Gamma, so too must brothers emulate this same nobility.

Chain of Honor Society – Lifetime giving greater than $1,000,000.00

  • The Chain of Honor has 18 links in the chain. 17 of the links are representative of our organization’s Founding Fathers, and the 18th link is for you, the member. By donating a cumulative $1,000,000 over a person’s lifetime, they enter into the Chain of Honor. The House of Trotter Giving Societies begin with the Link Society and culminate with the Chain of Honor.

Hembree Guild

Donors who inform Sigma Tau Gamma that the Fraternity is in their estate or retirement plans ensure future excellence of Sigma Tau Gamma. The W.T. Hembree Guild recognizes this community of supporters who make a planned estate gifts to the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation.