The move-in date for each chapter property is unique to the campus’s academic calendar. Commonly move-in is the Friday before classes begin however you should check your individual housing contract for the exact date. This date is the earliest a member is permitted to move in and access the facility. Members will receive communication from WPN Staff with move-in procedures and reminders 15-30 days prior to move-in. Early move-in is not permitted before a member’s contract term start date. To prepare for move-in, consider the below steps. 

Prior to Moving In:

  • Coordinate your arrival date and time with your chapter’s house manager. 
  • Log in and review your Buildium account information. 
  • Consider securing renter’s insurance to protect your items. You can submit your renter’s insurance policy details online through your Buildium account.

During Move-In:

  • Pick up your room key.
  • Complete your Resident Check-in Agreement to document the condition of your room and chapter facility common spaces upon move-in. It is the responsibility of each individual member to complete and submit to WPN Staff.  Resident Check-In Agreements are due to WPN Staff by September 1 via electronic submission to
  • Any furniture present in the room upon move-in is expected to stay in the room throughout the year as additional storage is not available. 


The move-out date for chapter properties is commonly set as the Sunday following finals week however you should check your housing contract for the exact date. This date is the latest a member is permitted to occupy the chapter facility unless they have secured a summer housing or storage contract. To prepare for move-out, consider the below steps. 

Prior to Move-Out:

  • Schedule a move-out time with your chapter’s house manager. 
  • Attend the house manager’s end of the year meeting.
  • Review WPN communication sent to all tenants prior to move out.
  • Familiarize yourself with move-out expectations like cleaning, furniture removal, and damage charges fee schedule.

During Move-Out:

  • Remove all trash and personal belongings. Any personal items or furniture remaining will be disposed of. Any chapter or WPN provided furniture should stay in the room.
  • Complete a light clean of your space ensuring the room is as clean as when you moved in. Sweep, mop, vacuum, dust, and wipe surfaces to avoid an excess cleaning fee.
  • Close all windows and blinds, turn off lights, and lock the door.
  • Return your key to the house manager.

WPN Staff and/or their designee will complete a property inspection walk-through at the end of the contract term. WPN Staff will cross-reference the list of damages with any notes on the member’s completed Resident Check-in Agreement to verify the status upon move in. Damage charges would be passed onto the individual(s) responsible for the damage. If the individual(s) responsible are not identified, all damage charges will be split equally among the individuals living within the chapter facility. The damage charges fee schedule can be found here.

Academic Break Recess

Chapter properties fully close for academic breaks including Thanksgiving, winter, and spring break.  The chapter property will officially close on the Saturday before the break at 12:00 PM (Noon) and open on the Saturday concluding the break at 12:00 PM (Noon). Members must vacate the premises but do not have to fully move their belongings out during academic breaks. Anyone needing to stay later or arrive earlier than these times or needs to stay at the chapter facility over break (such as for academic coursework or work obligations) should connect with their house manager to sign up on the Staying Over Break List to request approval by WPN Staff.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more specific questions about move-in, move-out, and academic breaks.