Educational Programming

National leadership programming provides the opportunity for Sig Taus from all around the country to gain new and valuable friendships, to challenge themselves and their brothers, and to learn to lead with integrity. Investing in these programs provides a measurable impact on the collegiate and lifelong membership experience, and challenges us to live courageously and nobly lead others.

These programs remind us of our past, offer us the courage to endeavor forward, and provides us a promise of our future. They provide the opportunity for our membership to play an active role in Sigma Tau Gamma’s Purpose. These programs remind us of who we are: A Fraternity of Courageous and Noble Gentlemen Who Always Endeavor Forward.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Noble Man Institute

Noble Man Institute is an exciting retreat-based leadership program for newly initiated brothers of Sigma Tau Gamma with a curriculum based on Kouzes & Posner’s book, The Student Leadership Challenge. In many ways, this is the Fraternity’s national new member development program. The Institute takes place during the fall semester and centers around our six principles while bringing together alumni and undergraduate members of Sigma Tau Gamma from across the country. The institute is designed to develop leadership skills, expand knowledge of the fraternity, and facilitate team building. Undergraduates participate in large and small group activities, including outdoor ropes course-based activities in four different regional sites.

Webb Academy

This longstanding flagship program of Sig Tau provides leadership & positional training for newly elected executive cabinet officers, currently including Chapter Presidents, Directors of Finance & Operations, Directors of Recruitment, and Directors of Member & Community Engagement. This event is held annually in January to allow for the newly elected officers to receive operational training and leadership development programming at the beginning of their term. The program began in 1985 for newly elected chapter presidents but has since grown to include four chapter officers and lead advisors. Lodging, meals, and program materials are provided to undergraduates without additional fees. The cost of attendance is kept to a minimum and offset by donor support.

Grand Conclave

This supreme meeting of Sigma Tau Gamma, taking place in even-numbered years, brings together generations of members to determine the direction of the Fraternity for the next two years and beyond. The gathering was held sporadically until 1946 when a reliable biennial schedule was established. The location of Grand Conclave changes allowing members to not only enjoy the camaraderie of one another but also experience the excitement and sites of a new city. At Grand Conclave, guests will enjoy fraternal brotherhood through speakers, workshops, banquets, ritual and recognition ceremonies. The House of Delegates, which is the supreme governing body of Sigma Tau Gamma, also elects the Fraternity President and Board of Directors, and considers new legislation and amendments to the Constitution, Laws, and Policies of Sigma Tau Gamma.

Endeavor Conference

The Endeavor Conference is the summer program occurring in odd-numbered years. It is unique among Sig Tau programs in that it focuses not on life in the collegiate chapter, but on life as a fraternity man. The highlight of this conference is the Endeavor Track, which offers a holistic approach to developing our members for who they are – the Men of Sigma Tau Gamma. In this track, nothing is off the table – we talk about the tough issues that the next generation of Noble Men will face. The men participating in the Endeavor Track will speak up when no one else is willing, and they will do so with confidence. They will learn how to remove their “Cloak of Invincibility” and appreciate the feeling of vulnerability. They will redefine masculinity and understand how to maintain healthy masculine relationships. They will discuss grit and resiliency and recast their vision for leadership.