Registration Sponsorship

Noble Man Institute is a member’s first opportunity to experience a national leadership program and dive deeper into their lifelong commitment to Sigma Tau Gamma. In the five years of Noble Man Institute, the data shows that the learning outcomes of the program are impacting the program attendees and participation in other Sigma Tau Gamma leadership programs that provide transformational educational experiences is growing year over year.

This year the Foundation is offering undergraduate sponsorship opportunities to enable more new members the opportunity to attend. Each chapter is expected to send 50% of their associate members to the program and will be billed $25.00 per undergraduate registered. This registration fee covers meals, lodging, and program materials. The actual cost of participation per member is $200.00.

  • Subsidized Undergraduate Registration Fee Sponsorship: $25.00 per undergraduate
  • Non-subsidized Undergraduate Registration Fee Sponsorship: $200.00 per undergraduate

The Fraternity’s greatest need is for unrestricted sponsorships that support all chapters and young associate chapters. However, if you prefer that the Sig Tau Foundation use your gift for a specific chapter, please indicate your intentions in the notes section of the online giving form. If no student from your preferred chapter registers, we will assign your sponsorship to another deserving new member.

Questions? Please contact Headquarters at 317-644-1920 or