Epsilon Xi Chapter

Saint Louis University

About the Chapter

The Epsilon Xi Chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma at Saint Louis University in St. Louis, Missouri was the 134 chartered chapter. The chapter at Saint Louis officially became the Epsilon Xi Chapter on April 23, 2005.

Fun Facts

  • The Epsilon Xi Chapter boasts the second highest GPA of any fraternity at Saint Louis Univerity and the sixth highest of any Greek organization.
  • Epsilon Xi’s 3.45 GPA is almost 0.40 points higher than the University men’s average.
  • Members of Epsilon Xi Chapter are involved in a wide array of extra-curricular clubs and organizations on campus. These include SGA, IFC, Special Olympics Missouri, various A Cappella groups, and the club golf team.
  • Epsilon Xi chapter has made a name for itself on campus by winning multiple championships in both intramural soccer and floor hockey in the past couple years.
  • Epsilon Xi chapter has grown from the seven original brothers in 2010 to nearly 80 brothers in 2017.

Chapter History

Sigma Tau Gamma’s Epsilon Xi Chapter at Saint Louis University, located in St. Louis, Missouri, was chartered on April 23, 2005. This moment may have marked their official beginning, but for the chapter members, their beginning did not start until fall of 2010. From 2005 to 2008, Epsilon Xi had strong enrollment, and became a successful chapter on campus, even winning Greek Week in their first year on campus. Things began to fall apart after 2008 though, and by the end of 2009, the Chapter was reduced to only one member, a sophomore named Christopher Fidler.

It was through Christopher’s recruiting efforts during fall of 2010 that they were able to grow to seven members. Those brothers became their own Society of Seven: Chris Fidler, Mark Ofreneo, Peter Orth, John Carney, Gene Rodemich, Jacob Jewulski, and Brian Lee. What became so intoxicating for these men to join were the tightly knit relationships that were made, the opportunity for leadership and growth, and the inspiration of being a part of something bigger than themselves. The motto was simple: work hard for each other and be there for each other.

The lack of size created many struggles, both financially and socially, but these brothers commitment to their motto, structured the chapter, and flourished wildly. Within the next two semesters, they grew to roughly 15 members. Then, they had a breakout semester, 16 new members. Epsilon Xi ended up having more associates than actives. Following this was a class of 17 new members, and grew until today where they hold 55 active members.

During this time Epsilon Xi strived for success as they won Greek Week and Delta Gamma’s Anchor Splash. They serve their college, community, and country through service and philanthropy. Most importantly they became better people and brothers. The sense of belonging increased their structure of honor and desire to learn; all because of a few members’ leadership to become something more. When they had nothing, they reverted to Sig Tau roots. Epsilon Xi has grown on a strong foundation and has had a great impact on their campus and those fortunate enough to be a member. Epsilon Xi is proud to be, Sig Tau.

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