Beta Kappa Chapter

University of Wisconsin – La Crosse

About the Chapter

The Beta Kappa Chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, in La Crosse, Wisconsin began in 1949 as local fraternity Lambda Tau Gamma. In 1950, Lambda Tau Gamma officially became a chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma with 16 Founding Fathers. The chapter closed until 1997 when it was re-established.

Fun Facts

  • Brother Jacob Dunnum bowled for the Team USA Trials in Las Vegas in January. Placing 100 out of 169 individual bowlers.
  • Brother Ryan Send is part of La Crosse’s State Championship Track & Field Team.
  • Brother Michael Cordes has been awarded the Professional Insurance Agents of Wisconsin (PIAW) Scholarship.

Chapter History

In 1949, Lambda Tau Gamma was the recognized fraternity on the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse campus until it transitioned to be known as Sigma Tau Gamma in 1950.

In 1997, 16 students, with the help of Professor Joel Chilsen, the Beta Kappa Chapter was re-established at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse. The Beta Kappa Chapter has been an active chapter since.

A proud moment for the Beta Kappa Chapter was in 2008 when the chapter was awarded the Edward H. McCune Distinguished Chapter of the Year Award. Also, the chapter was awarded the Earl A. Webb Most Improved Chapter Award. In 2009, chapter advisor, Joel Chilsen, was awarded National Advisor of the Year.

Beta Kappa also started a community watch program called Operation: River Watch. Operation: River Watch was established in October of 2006 after a student death that was near the university’s grounds. The three local La Crosse student governments, Western Technical College, Viterbo, and the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse, wanted to do something about the trend of tragic intoxicated river deaths in the La Crosse community. Chapter leaders took the initiative to combat the negative trend as they had influence in the student government.

Since Operation: River Watch has been enacted, there have been no river related deaths due to alcohol consumption. The chapter at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse has had many accomplishments in the past that they are very proud of. The fraternity still strives for greatness in every aspect of a collegiate organization.

Chapter Funds

A Chapter Fund is a restricted account from the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation. In this case, the restriction is that the funds and earnings on the investment of the funds may be used only for a particular chapter, meaning that if you donate to your chapter’s fund, it may only be used for your chapter.

Chapter Funds may be used to:

  • Award scholarships based on academic and leadership criteria
  • Technology grants for purchase and upgrade of chapter computer technology
  • Educational facility grants to the selected chapter
  • Leadership education grants for participation in institutes, seminars, and conventions.

The Foundation manages the fund. This management includes fund accounting, investing, and preparing required reports for the Internal Revenue Service. The policy of the Foundation Board of Trustees is to involve chapter alumni association leaders in the creation of criteria, formation of program priorities and selection of grant recipients.

Submitting Changes to the Chapter’s History

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