A Noble Response

Published on August 18, 2017 in News, Press Releases


Steve Latour, Chief Executive Officer

Sigma Tau Gamma is Inclusive and Demonstrates Respect for All Persons

WARRENSBURG, MISSOURI – One of the Fraternity’s Founders Edward H. McCune, Central Missouri, said, “Contentment lies not in what one has, but in what one does.”

Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity is a men’s organization based on mutual respect, trust, and honesty where an environment of acceptance and brotherhood exists within the walls of the Fraternity and is demonstrated to the public by our actions. We strongly believe that our principles guide us, as expressed in our ceremonies, constitution, and policies. They are inclusive and demonstrate respect for all persons.

The value of such inclusiveness has never been greater given the rich diversity of our campuses and communities. Where inclusiveness is not about diversity for the sake of political correctness, but where inclusiveness is a values-based choice, a decision made because it is the right decision. At the local and national level, the Fraternity is actively working to promote inclusiveness in our membership and will oppose all acts of hate, harassment, and discrimination.

Recent conversations and events of hatred like the one that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12, remind us that we must work every day to educate and develop our undergraduate men who will seek to better the campus and the community in which they live by creating an environment of acceptance and inclusiveness.

We must never be content with the bigotry, violence, or narrow-mindedness that has been on display in recent weeks. We must remember, no matter the situation or circumstance, to rise above, do what’s right, and be noble men who will always endeavor forward.

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Founded in Warrensburg, Missouri at the University of Central Missouri. On June 28, 2020, it will commemorate its 100th Anniversary. Today, there are more than 2,600 undergraduate members on 76 college/university campuses in 30 states. There are 60,390 living alumni. The Fraternity is headquartered 60 miles east of downtown Kansas