SAGA Magazine

Volume 103 | Issue 1

This issue of the SAGA Magazine explores reimagining the fraternal experience, uncovering the essence of purpose, and celebrating the value of gratitude. Join us on a journey of discovery and inspiration.

Volume 102 | Issue 1

This issue of the SAGA Magazine focuses on the outcome and recap of Grand Conclave Kansas City, how brotherhood is not just for four years, but for life, and the introduction of longtime volunteer and Society of the Seventeen Inductee Buz Barlow as Sigma Tau Gamma CEO.

Volume 101 | Issue 1

This issue of the SAGA Magazine focuses on hour undergraduate brothers excelled in a pandemic driven campus experience and how the organization endeavors forward into the next century.

Volume 100 | Issue 1

This issue of the SAGA Magazine will help us look to our past to embark on our future. Content in this issue has been re-printed from previous issues of the SAGA Magazine including but not limited to copy, photos, and graphics. This issue continues to align with current Sigma Tau Gamma brand standards and strives to maintain the long-standing integrity of the SAGA Magazine.

Volume 89 | Issue 1

This issue of the SAGA Magazine focuses on year 99, honoring our past and looking forward to our future. The magazine looks into the lives of members and how much their brotherhood experience has been shaped by our deep-rooted military history and we our honor undergraduate brothers who currently serve Fraternity, College, and Country. It focuses on the member-centric decisions made in the past year, and the solid foundation Sigma Tau Gamma has forged through the past 99 years, and look ahead to the next.

Volume 88 | Issue 1

This issue of the SAGA Magazine reflects back on the 2017 - 2018 academic school year, the relocation efforts of Sigma Tau Gamma Headquarters, and spotlights why the Fraternity Experience is still relevant.

Volume 87 | Issue 1

This issue of the SAGA Magazine is the first issue incorporating the new brand. Volume 87 | Issue 1 highlights the first ever Noble Man Institute, chapter updates, which chapters received their charter, and an in-depth look inside the new brand. This SAGA is 40 pages in length, one of the longest issues in recent memory.

Fall/Winter 2015: Making Moves

This issue looks back at the 2015 National Leadership Conference, shares current chapter happenings and focuses on the future with the featured story on Patrick Stewart and his pursuit of big dreams.

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Spring/Summer 2015: Expanding Leadership – Provisional Chapter Presidents

This issue highlights the continued growth of Sigma Tau Gamma; featuring individual stories from each new Provisional Chapter President and the 2015 Regional Conclaves.

Winter 2015: 2015 Earl A. Webb Academy of Principled Leaders

This issue features the Earl A. Webb Academy of Principled Leaders in Kansas City, MO and a commemoration of Bill Bernier’s time on staff.

Summer/Fall 2014: William P. Bernier Grand Chapter Recap

This issue features highlights from the 46th Grand Chapter in New Orleans, Louisiana.