An Undergraduate Shares His #myFraternity Story

Published on September 12, 2018 in News, Press Releases

CINCINNATI, OHIO – “Being a fraternity man in today’s society means holding yourself to a standard where you are proud to be part of a fraternity and bringing honor to your brothers and your organization. In 10 years, I know for a fact I will look back on my collegiate experience with Sig Tau and be thankful for everything and for every opportunity I was given.” 

Brent Levy, Cincinnati was someone who never envisioned having a #myFraternity story. At first, Brent, like many others, only saw the stereotypes of fraternity life and felt that joining one, wasn’t for him even though his family all joined Greek life during their times as undergraduates. Trying something new his freshman year, Brent decided to attend a “Meet the Greeks” event.

“It was very overwhelming, but then a guy pulled me aside and started talking to me and explained how he was a part of this fraternity that was newer on campus and was looking for quality men to join. They were a smaller chapter and weren’t chartered yet,” Brent said. “If it weren’t for him pulling me aside that day, I wouldn’t be a Sig Tau. Once I got to meet the guys at recruitment events, I felt like I fit in. It was just a feeling inside that I found something that was bigger than myself and I would grow as a person if I were a part of it.”

Brent now had the unique opportunity to become a Founding Father of the Zeta Beta Chapter and was able to work with his brothers to accomplish their chartering benchmarks. From an uninterested freshman to an initiated member and Founding Father, Brent’s Sig Tau journey was just beginning. Brent has now served as the Marketing and Social Media Coordinator for multiple semesters, served as the Secretary, and now currently serves as the Director of Education & Wellness as well as the Vice President.

Brent has not only become a leader in his chapter, but he has also served nationally as well. In 2016, Brent served as a voting delegate at Grand Conclave Orlando and in the summer of 2017, was a communication intern at Sigma Tau Gamma Headquarters. Like any journey and story, life certainly isn’t easy and it comes with its ups and downs.

He recalls a moment perhaps many brothers have had when they question their spot within the Sig Tau brotherhood, “I started to lose myself. I didn’t think I wanted to be a brother in Sig Tau anymore,” described Brent. “But after talking with some brothers who I was close with, they reminded me why I joined and why I love Sig Tau so much. I am happy that I didn’t leave Sig Tau, because I have grown so much more in the past two years than I have in my entire life.”

Brent doesn’t shy away from the harder moments of being an undergraduate and the brotherhood that ultimately gets you through it. Brent took the time to express the most impactful memory of Sig Tau Brotherhood that he has experienced,

“Last spring a brother in my chapter, Daniel Wedig, passed away in a car accident. It was something that I wish never happened, but it brought the brothers in my chapter closer together and showed us how important our brotherhood is. At this year’s Grand Conclave, myself and three brothers from my chapter were asked to lead the Eternal Light Ceremony. It was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do, but it was also the most rewarding. Seeing everyone come together to hold such an amazing and beautiful ceremony for brothers that have passed away in the past year was the most meaningful memory of our Brotherhood.”

Brent believes that sharing his own #myFraternity story is important because, without the stories of the positive impact of fraternities, there would be no Sig Tau.


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