Hitting the Links with Purpose After Years Apart

Published on May 11, 2022 in Foundation

“For me, I may not have seen a brother for two or three years and we get a chance to play catch up for a bit. Then once that’s over, we get back to feeling like no time has passed at all,” reminisced Vice President of the Delta Theta Alumni Association, Victor Aves, North Texas.

The Delta Theta chapter, chartered in 1984 and closed in 2001, still maintains a group of involved and active alumni. Aves, a Delta Theta charter member, remembers his time as an undergraduate in Sig Tau fondly.

“One of the things that attracted me to Sig Tau in the first place was the diverse brotherhood we had. Our chapter was a lot smaller than the others on campus, but what stood out to me was how close-knit the brothers were and the value we found in one another’s company,” remarked Aves.

The alumni of the Delta Theta chapter felt as if they were long overdue for an event that they could all look forward to each year that would continue to nurture those relationships of brotherhood. In 1997, they held an inaugural charity golf tournament which brought alumni from all over the state of Texas back together for the first time in many years. While initially, the golf outing only included alumni brothers, eventually brothers would bring their parents, significant others, and children to this tournament as well. Money raised annually is donated to the University of North Texas for scholarships, Sig Tau brothers in need, or the American Red Cross.

“The thing about fraternity and the golf tournament is, it’s about getting people together,” said Aves. “We borrowed the concept from another charity golf tournament – some people don’t even play, but there’s a social element involved as well that brothers and their families look forward to every year. It started off relatively small. We first had around 20-25 players in the tournament, and it grew slowly over the years until we’d seen about 40-50. The last golf outing we had before COVID had almost 80 players who had signed up.”

The golf tournament has taken place every year from 1997 until present. Unfortunately, complications from COVID-19 put the golf tournament on an indefinite halt over the last few years until golf courses began allowing large groups to rent out the venues again. The event will return this year, to be held again in the fall of 2022 on October 17. For alumni anywhere in the North Texas area, to get information on this year’s tournament please email Victor Aves at vaves@pegasusrealtyinc or call 214-616-0194, this event is open to ALL Sig Taus.

“The most exciting thing about being able to hold this tournament again is the opportunity to reunite and reconnect again. It allows our small group of 4-6 brothers to make calls and keep in touch with as many members as we can while we do the outreach to generate momentum for the tournament,” said Aves.

As brothers of the Delta Theta Alumni Association regain their momentum with the charity golf tournament and begin reconnecting and reestablishing the bonds that distance created, we celebrate the reunion of brothers across the country. Whether it’s 80 players enjoying a golf tournament or two brothers making up for lost time over coffee, this connection is one we all share. The Founders Day Challenge is honoring moments like these that are Linking Generations through Brotherhood. With your support, the Sig Tau Foundation continues to support the Fraternity and help provide transformational opportunities and experiences for our members. Give today and build the link that connects to the next generation of noble men.