Meet The Presidents – Andrew Ost, Kansas

Published on February 21, 2020 in News

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA – The third noble man we meet serving as chapter president is Andrew Ost, Kansas. Andrew is a Sig Tau legacy who followed his father’s and older brother’s footsteps joining Sig Tau. Andrew was chosen as the first Chapter President to serve the newly-established associate chapter at the University of Kansas.

Meet Andrew Ost, Kansas

Q: Not only are you the first president of your chapter, but you will also be the chapter president to bring your chapter into year 100 of Sig Tau – can you speak to what this means to you?

A: I think bringing this new chapter into the new century of Sig Tau is a very important milestone, and having the opportunity to lead them into year 100 is indescribable. Personally, knowing that my father was a chapter president of the Gamma Mu Chapter at Missouri – Kansas City, and that my brother serving on the executive cabinet at Kansas State, has made me reflect on the past century and our duty at the University of Kansas to carry on the traditions and principals of the brotherhood to the next 100 years!

Q: What does being a noble man and living a life of Principle mean to you?

A: Even though my father never talked much about his time with Sigma Tau Gamma when I was growing up, I am continually discovering a parallel of principles in which he raised me and the ones that Sig Tau is founded upon. Being a noble man means carrying oneself with the upmost respect for all individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and so many other identities that make up one’s character. Understanding the love for all brothers is important and I hope to continue the legacy of love and diversity at KU that Sigma Tau Gamma holds dearly.

Q: How does it feel/what does it mean to you to be the first chapter president of Eta Mu?

A: Being the first chapter president of Eta Mu is definitely a huge honor and humbling experience. The Greek tradition at the University of Kansas has very deep roots and stems back to 1873 and having the opportunity to establish a Sigma Tau Gamma chapter in Lawrence brings insurmountable joy to myself and every other member of the Founding Father class. I am very excited to join a century-old legacy of noble men and make new lifelong connections with brothers and new members that we will have the opportunity to meet and initiate into the brotherhood in the years to come here at KU!

Q: Years from now, what do you hope your chapter brothers feel about your time as president?

A: Years from now, I hope that my brothers will look upon the Founding Father class as a group of gentlemen that made a difference on KU’s campus. Like the Founding Fathers of our Fraternity did in 1920, we understand and value each other’s differences and make sure that the brotherhood will always endeavor forward! Personally, I would like for future classes of noble men to see that the hard work put into founding and maintaining the chapter is not an easy job and will be rough at times. However, we have brothers all around the nation that are eager to help us grow and thrive at the University of Kansas. I do not want them to be afraid to reach out and ask for help when needed. Lead nobly, endeavor fearlessly, and always understand that true character stems from love.  

Q: Noble Man Insitute and Webb Academy are largely supported by the Foundation – how does knowing this impact your idea or experience of attending Noble Man and Webb Academy?

A: Attending these programs have made a huge difference in my experience of becoming a Sig Tau. Meeting brothers in Dallas [at Noble Man Institute] this year from all over the nation… and even seeing a lot of them at Webb Academy in Indianapolis truly opened my eyes to what this fraternity can do for its brothers. Before these programs, my picture of Sigma Tau Gamma was a Headquarter’s representative being sent to a flagship university and recruiting the best of men to start the newest chapter of Sig Tau. Now, I understand that it is so much more than 15 gentlemen sitting in a room for chapter meetings. It’s a brotherhood. Any time I can, I thank the donors and every single person that made these programs possible because without them, many of our brothers would not understand the big picture and would not have the opportunity to share ideas/experiences with brothers from all over the country!

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Founded at the University of Central Missouri on June 28, 1920, the organization will commemorate its 100th Anniversary in 2020. With a presence on 85 campuses in 31 states, our membership includes over 3.000 undergraduate men and 61,000 living alumni. The Headquarters, which is home to the Fraternity, Foundation, and WPN Housing Company, is located in Indianapolis, Indiana, 12 miles from the center of downtown. Visit for additional information