Published on November 7, 2017 in News, Foundation

“I truly believe I’m where I am today because of my time spent as a Sig Tau.”
-Bob Wojcik, Michigan Tech.

A brotherhood campout on the shores of Lake Superior sounds like an idyllic time for building lifelong friendships. But it’s venturing through the muddy logging trails of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in a ’78 Pontiac top Bob Wojcik’s memory bank. His car was one of many that had to be pulled through the mud by 15 brothers on the way to the campsite. And it’s these brothers who Bob bonded with over 25 years ago that he calls his best friends today.

Bob attributes the leadership skills he learned while President of the Gamma Chi chapter at Michigan Technological University to the success he has experienced in his professional career. He currently leads a team of over 250 employees in AT&T’s Wireless Construction and Engineering department. “The opportunities to lead the group [Gamma Chi chapter] through adversity gave me skills that I would have otherwise not obtained had I not joined Sigma Tau Gamma,” he said.

Sig Tau’s national leadership programs like Noble Man Institute, Webb Academy, and the Path of Principles membership program are vital to today’s undergraduate experience. Bob’s monthly recurring gift to the Sig Tau Foundation directly supports leadership and educational opportunities. “I’ve seen many examples over my career of employees that I knew were involved in fraternal organizations while in college and those that were not. The big difference between the two is the leadership traits possessed by the employee who experienced fraternity life. Leaders are both born and made, and the Sig Tau programs help make us all better.”



Founded in Warrensburg, Missouri at the University of Central Missouri. On June 28, 2020, the fraternity will commemorate its 100th Anniversary. Today, there are more than 3,000 undergraduate members on 81 college/university campuses in 31 states. There are 61,000 living alumni. The Fraternity is headquartered 60 miles east of downtown Kansas City in Warrensburg, Missouri. Additional information about the fraternity is available at https://sigtau.org/