Project Leadership

Published on February 8, 2017 in Foundation

Project Leadership is our campaign to double the number of unique donors to the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation. We launched this three-year campaign in 2012. The Project Leadership goals were to involve 1,400 unique donors and to raise $250,000. The Project Leadership campaign is coming to a close.

Over the course of the campaign, 1,355 donors contributed $291,902 to support scholarships and leadership development program. Nearly 500 alumni, undergraduates, and friends were first time donors. Many of our donors made multiple gifts over the three-year life of the campaign.

Project Leadership raised the level of awareness about our Chapter Endowments Program. With this program, individual gifts may be designated for the support of scholarships and leadership development programs at a specific college chapter. Each Chapter Endowment is managed by our Foundation. That management includes an investment of the funds, distribution grants and scholarships, accounting and related IRS rules compliance.

So far our undergraduate members have been awarded more than $35,000 in grants and nearly $29,000 in scholarships. Our Foundation has invested the remaining funds to enable continued support of the academic and leadership development of our student members.

We are deeply grateful to our many brothers and friends who volunteered their time and donated to help make this funding available and the campaign an overall success.

Your generosity is transforming undergraduate brothers across Sigma Tau Gamma, providing them with the tools necessary to become high performing gentlemen.