Collin Sweeney, Purdue Receives Michael J. Steinbeck Graduate Fellowship

Published on June 15, 2019 in News, Press Releases, Foundation

“Citizenship is what it is all about, it is going to continue to serve you in the real world. And being a good member in your community is never going to go out of style.” Collin Sweeney, Purdue.

Sigma Tau Gamma proudly announces Collin Sweeney, Purdue, as one of two recipients of the 2019 Michael J. Steinbeck Graduate Fellowship. The Michael J. Steinbeck Graduate Fellowship is a $1,500 fellowship from the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation that recognizes and assists talented young brothers, firmly committed to the ideals of Sig Tau, in the pursuit of graduate and professional degrees. The award promotes the advancement of ethical young men into the highest levels of leadership in our society.

Sweeney joined Sig Tau in the fall semester of his sophomore year and in May 2019 graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering with a Geotechnical emphasis. With the assistance of this scholarship, he will be continuing his education at Virginia Tech. for his master’s degree in Civil Engineering.

This fellowship from the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation is not the first time Sweeney has been positively impacted by the Foundation.

Sweeney attended the 2016 Noble Man Institute, a program now funded by generous Sig Tau Foundation donors. “It was an eye-opening experience,” Sweeney said about his time at Noble Man Institute. “It was very good for me to see that it is more than just your own chapter, there are a lot of other people out there…doing a lot of work that you may not realize or notice as an undergraduate if you don’t have that type of experience.”

The “other people out there” is what drives Sig Tau each and every day. It has been nearly 99 years since Sig Tau was founded by 17 wise and noble men. But by dedicating themselves to the highest ideals of manhood, brotherhood, and citizenship, they would inspire thousands of men from all parts of the country who would follow in their footsteps.

Brotherhood is the foundation of Sig Tau, and it is the very reason the Foundation exists. During the 2018-2019 academic year, the Foundation awarded more than $16,770 in scholarships, like the Steinbeck Fellowship, to Sig Tau brothers around the country and provided over $107,000 in support of Fraternity programs, chapter fund grants, and scholarships.

Those who have invested in the Sig Tau Foundation have done so to help a brother succeed, develop the next generation of leaders, and to ensure the future of Sig Tau. Sweeney stated , “I think this Fraternity and the people who care about it are an active force in the right direction.”

To those donors, Sweeney echoes the words of all the brothers that have been impacted by the generosity of the Sig Tau Foundation, “Thank you for enabling college students to have their college experience be a really formative and positive experience and surround them with the right people.”

Congratulations to everyone who has received a scholarship this past academic year from the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation.

Central Missouri
Central Missouri Fall 2018 Academic Excellence:
Andrew Basse, Central Missouri ‘16
Corey Moats, Central Missouri ‘18
Zachary Racy, Central Missouri ‘18

Central Missouri Principle of Leadership:
Zachary Racy, Central Missouri ‘18

Cleveland State
The Beta Upsilon Memorial Scholarship:
Noah Marsh, Cleveland State ‘15

The Ferch Scholarship:
Tyler Bailey, Cleveland State ‘16

The Griffy Memorial Scholarship:
Jacob Whitney, Cleveland State ‘16

Michigan Tech.
Bob Graff Memorial Scholarship:
Seth Jensen-Younk, Michigan Tech. ‘17
Matthew Painter, Michigan Tech. ‘16

Michigan Tech Man-of-the-Year:
Jake Kessler, Michigan Tech. ‘15

Southeastern Louisiana
Southeastern Louisiana Chapter Scholarship:
Mason Bourgeois, Southeastern Louisiana ‘15
Thomas Branch, Southeastern Louisiana ‘16
William Bridges, Southeastern Louisiana ‘15
Zachary Corzo, Southeastern Louisiana ‘16
Bryce Cothern, Southeastern Louisiana ‘13
Michael Cross, Southeastern Louisiana ‘16
Evan Hargroder, Southeastern Louisiana ‘16
Cameron Jenkins, Southeastern Louisiana ‘14
Matthew Kemp, Southeastern Louisiana ‘15
Richard Mathis Jr., Southeastern Louisiana ‘15
Tyler Morel, Southeastern Louisiana ‘17
Alex Sotile, Southeastern Louisiana ‘13
Ian Sutton, Southeastern Louisiana ‘14
Lane Taillon, Southeastern Louisiana ‘15
Sean Wood, Southeastern Louisiana ‘17

UNC Charlotte
J. Greg Rumpf Memorial Scholarship:
Ryan Fusco, UNC Charlotte ‘18

William & Catherine Hardebeck Scholarship
Carter Roustio, Missouri−St. Louis ‘17
John Schaefer, Saint Louis ‘17

Michael J. Steinbeck Graduate Fellowship
Abhinit Kothari, Penn State ‘17
Collin Sweeney, Purdue ‘16

Ted and Theresa Priem Undergraduate Scholarship
Lukas Dietzen, Carroll ’17