So, What is Grand Conclave?

Published on May 10, 2022 in News, Press Releases

What’s Grand Conclave? Why do I keep getting these emails? What does the House of Delegates do again? All are fair questions to ask, especially since the last Grand Conclave was held in 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona. Below, we will breakdown some of the most commons questions about Grand Conclave Kansas City and what to expect.

Q: What is Grand Conclave?

A: Grand Conclave is a bi-annual meeting of Sigma Tau Gamma membership. Grand Conclave is typically held every other summer, and includes multiple aspects of the event, including award presentations, meals, excursions, a gala, and meetings of the House of Delegates. The gathering is held in a different city across the country for brothers to take in the sights and sounds of the host city together. The first Grand Conclave was held in 1925.

Q: What is the House of Delegates?

A: The House of Delegates acts as the supreme governing body of Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity and is composed of both undergraduate leaders and alumni. Each active chapter and associate chapter is represented, as well as registered alumni associations, Past National Presidents, Society of the Seventeen inductees, and the Fraternity Board of Directors. Delegates consider and vote on proposals, changes/revisions to the constitution and by-laws, have the opportunity to make changes to rituals, and vote on who will serve on the Fraternity Board of Directors. Delegates have the power to shape the future of the fraternity.

Q: How many delegates does each chapter have/need?

A: According to Law X, Section 2, each collegiate chapter in good standing shall be entitled to representation by a number of Delegates at the House of Delegates, which is determined by the following formula: Chapters having a total initiated college membership on April 15 of the school year of thirty-nine (39) or fewer members shall be entitled to two (2) Delegates, and forty (40) or more members shall be entitled to three (3) delegates. Associate chapters do not have a vote but are still seated and have a voice in the House of Delegates.

Q: Why was Kansas City selected as the host city?

A: Sigma Tau Gamma has a deep and rich history with Kansas City and the surrounding area. Sig Tau was founded just a few miles east of Kansas City at the University of Central Missouri, where our Alpha Chapter is located. This will be the 8th Grand Conclave in Kansas City, with the first being held in 1930.

Q: if I’m not a voting delegate, how can I participate at Grand Conclave?

A: For those attending who will not be voting in the House of Delegates, you will have the option to participate in the Service Track. This opportunity is specifically designed for attendees to give back to the Kansas City community. Sig Tau is partnering with Habitat for Humanity to build local homes.

Q: What should I expect if I attend?

A: Well, it will feel a lot like a big family reunion. Brothers from every generation of the last 60 years will be in attendance, sharing in the comradery of brotherhood and making new memories. It will be an action-packed weekend with experiencing the best of what Kansas City has to offer.

Q: Where can I learn more and register?

A: All information for Grand Conclave Kansas City including schedule, pricing, and registration can be found using the button below.


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