The Catch Up – Former HQ Staff and Their Post-Sig Tau Journeys

Published on May 1, 2023 in News

Joining Sigma Tau Gamma Headquarters Staff is a perfect opportunity to grow and develop as a professional while honing your passion for working towards a common goal with a supportive cast of teammates. Headquarters has served as a pivotal environment for many young professionals as they begin to get a foothold in their careers. We connected with former HQ staff members Paul Manly, Salisbury, and Brenna Albritton, Delta Zeta, on their personal Sig Tau journeys and where their experience at HQ took them afterward. 

Paul served as an Expansion Coordinator from 2011-2013. Paul was a founding father of the Epsilon Rho Chapter at Salisbury University. As a man who had no interest in the fraternity, the idea of leaving a legacy at Salisbury piqued his interest, and he was initiated in 2009. After having such a transformative experience as an undergraduate, Paul decided he would come to work for Headquarters and give the same opportunity to other young men seeking the sense of belonging that he was given. During that time, he started over eight chapters and recruited over 500 men to join Sigma Tau Gamma, leaving an everlasting legacy on the growth of the fraternity. 

“My favorite part of my time on staff was showing up and being intentional about making a difference in an undergraduate’s life. The tenacity and determination shared between my expansion partner and me gave us the chance to make a difference and change lives. We realized once we showed up on campus, we could either seize this moment and work our tails off, or we could be forgotten,” said Paul. 

After his time at Sig Tau, his next professional step was in sales, and without a doubt, he regards the skills he learned working for Sig Tau as pivotal to his success in the corporate world. Paul currently serves as Office Manager for The Maids International. 

“I’ve been the Office Manager in my current role for the last six years, and a lot of what I learned managing students, doing recruitment, managing myself, and selling myself has given me the opportunity to excel as a professional, and I’m certainly better because of my time as a Headquarters Staff member,” said Paul. 

Brenna Albritton started as a Communications Intern in 2017, then served as Communications & Merchandise Coordinator from 2018-2020, with her final role being Assistant Director of Communications.  Brenna’s first introduction to Sig Tau was during her time as a Delta Zeta and being in fraternity/sorority life at Central Missouri. 

“I was friends with members, and I knew HQ was local to Warrensburg at that time and knew active Alpha members that worked there in a part-time capacity. Then a friend in the Alpha chapter sent me a link to their summer internships, so I applied! I honestly wasn’t sure if HQ was looking for non-members to fill any internship positions, but figured it couldn’t hurt to apply,” said Brenna.

“Although it was something I took on later, one of my favorite parts of my time at Sig Tau was the work I did with the archives. It was a really large undertaking with the move from Warrensburg to Indianapolis, but it quickly became my favorite part of my days. To be able to just sit with history and members’ stories 100+ years old felt very special to me. Although I am not a member of the Fraternity, I had seen firsthand the impacts that the brotherhood and certain individuals had made on the organization.” 

Brenna now serves as the Marketing Manager for Well Plated by Erin, which is a food-inspired brand that has become a trusted resource for those who are eager to create wholesome healthy meals that are affordable, approachable, healthy, and delicious! 

“I love my current role! I get a chance to use my marketing skills in a really unique and creative way that keeps me excited! In this role, I do things like copyediting, social media, video editing, and SEO, but I attribute so much of what I know now to my time at Sig Tau. As an HQ staff member, I was able to really sharpen my writing skills. I also learned WordPress inside and out, and every single job I have had since Sig Tau has used WordPress as their CMS – so that has been such a great tool that I learned from the jump!”

Sig Tau is glad to have been able to provide a springboard for aspiring professionals to continue to develop, and we’re looking forward to the next generation of staff members that will benefit from their time serving our mission.  



Founded at the University of Central Missouri on June 28, 1920, Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity celebrated 100 years of brotherhood in 2020. In the last 102 years, the organization has called 198 campuses home and has more than 75,000 initiated members. With a current presence on 63 campuses from coast to coast, our membership includes more than 2,500 undergraduate men. The Headquarters, which is home to the Fraternity, Foundation, and WPN Housing Company, is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Visit for additional information.