Don’t Miss Out on Noble Man Institute 2017

Published on October 12, 2017 in News, Press Releases

You’ve seen photos, you’ve heard older brothers rave about it, and you’ve received emails urging you to register for it. So why miss out on such a unique opportunity like Noble Man Institute?

In November, newly initiated members of Sig Tau will travel to four campsites around the country to partake in the second Noble Man Institute, an exciting retreat-based leadership program.

Registration is open now, and here are the top 10 reasons why you can’t miss it:

  1. You have the opportunity to spend an entire weekend connecting with the newest members of Sig Taus from around the country.
  2. Delve deeper into the meaning of our Six Principles and understand how to live them out in your life, while understanding the true meaning of Sigma, Tau, and Gamma.
  3. Campus life and school are hectic this time of year. Take a weekend to escape this chaos and experience the camp locations and activities.
  4. Meet, learn from, develop relationships, and share fraternity experiences with alumni members.
  5. Learn what it takes to be able to lead your chapter through the Five Practices of Exemplary Leaders.
  6. Put your team-building and communication skills to the test. Challenge yourself and your fellow brothers on courses unlike any other during your first Sigma Tau Gamma leadership experience.
  7. Be inspired on what it truly means to be a noble gentleman, and encourage others to embrace the idea of building noble generations of men.
  8. Dive deep into the discussion and engage with other brothers about personal values how to grow them within yourself, and the chapter.
  9. Create a vision and plan to help launch yourself, and the men of your chapter toward becoming the ideal fraternity.
  10. Grow as a Noble Man of Sig Tau and leave with a plan, new friendships, and a richer understanding of Sig Tau on a national level.

Convinced yet? Register now.



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