Happy Halloween from Sig Tau

Published on October 27, 2017 in Press Releases

With Halloween approaching, the season of parties, socials, and gatherings filled with candy and costumes are here. As Noble Gentlemen of Sig Tau, we need to be mindful of the costumes that we choose to wear and the events we attend.

Please, Brothers,¬†be attentive of what you wear this Halloween season. What might seem harmless to you, may be extremely offensive and hurtful to others. Please¬†avoid costumes or themes that rely on stereotyping¬†a certain group, encourage offensive dress, or that “makes fun” of a particular culture, group, or gender.

Ask yourself, “Would I want a photo of me in this costume or next to someone in this costume to end up on the internet¬†for my family, professors, employer and future spouse to see? Would I want¬†to explain that photo to a prospective employer or the media?” Remember, if you are questioning the offensive nature of a possible costume, it’s always better to abstain and choose a better costume.

If someone shows up to an event in something inappropriate, send them home and do not let them enter your event. Do not take on the liability of their costume. The liability for you or your chapter is not worth the potential consequences.

Remember, it is simply not up to you to decide if something is offensive to others.

As a final reminder, please make sure all of your events or those hosted by your members are held to our standard; the media, your campus, and Headquarters can still take action should something occur.

Contact Director of Collegiate Services, Adam Kowalski, with any questions you may have about events or costume appropriateness.