Fraternal Bonds Can Never Be Broken

Published on April 26, 2017 in Foundation

While enjoying my 10-year old son’s recent little league baseball game, I overheard a remarkable conversation between a grandfather and his soon-to-be graduating high school grandson. The grandson was talking about heading off to college in the fall, and he shared some reservations about leaving his group of friends and finding a new home on his campus.

The grandfather began talking about his college experience in the early 1960’s. He spoke fondly of his fraternity experience, and the advice he gave his grandson would resonate with any fraternity or sorority member.

The advice could be narrowed down to these three ideas: be a good student, do the right thing even when it is hard, and be loyal to your brothers. He narrated this advice with great stories about his experience, peppered with some great laughs. He said, “After all these years, my friends and brothers from my fraternity are what bring me back to campus each year.”

As we embark on 97 years of Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity in June, I hope that you’ll think fondly of your experience as an undergraduate member. Think about how you will celebrate the brotherhood you shared with your Sig Tau brothers. Share your story with SigTau HQ at or on social media by using #SigTau97.