Meet The Presidents – Truman Lauck, Nebraska at Kearney

Published on January 28, 2020 in News

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA – Serving as the chapter president for your chapter can be a difficult but rewarding role. It’s not the Executive Cabinet role meant for everyone and every chapter president is unique.

This spring semester, we will meet a few of the noble men that serve their chapters in this capacity and learn what makes them proud of the work their chapter does and what it means to take their chapter into year 100.

Meet Truman Lauck, Nebraska at Kearney

Q: You will be the chapter president to bring your chapter into year 100 of Sig Tau – can you speak to what this means to you?

A: Helping ring in year 100 of Sigma Tau Gamma is such an amazing and humbling opportunity. I feel like I have a responsibility to make sure that everyone sees all of the amazing opportunities that Sigma Tau Gamma can bring to the community and to its members. I am so excited to have the opportunity to be able to attend the 100th birthday of Sigma Tau Gamma in Kansas City to meet so many different brothers from years before.

Q: What are you most looking forward to this semester in your role and with your chapter?

A: I am really looking forward to helping lead the chapter in a positive way. I am looking forward to helping the chapter develop their leadership skills, and help lead them in the right direction to build generations of Noble Gentlemen.

Q: It’s only been a few months, but what would you say has been your favorite or most rewarding part of serving as chapter president?

A: I have to say, I think my most favorite part of serving as chapter president has to be working with such an amazing group of gentlemen on the Executive Cabinet, or working with other chapter presidents from around the country.

Q: What does being a noble man and living a life of Principle mean to you?

A: In my opinion, being a noble man and living a life of Principle means living your life to the highest standard. It means being the best you that you can be. Every day I try to follow the six Principles: Learning, Integrity, Excellence, Leadership, Citizenship, and Brotherhood. I make sure I to set the standard, rather than follow the standards.

Q: Years from now, what do you hope your chapter brothers feel about your time as president?

A: I honestly hope that my chapter brothers see me as someone who helped build the chapter and someone who loved the fraternity for what it was. I would hope that they think I helped start traditions and helped create a tight bond of brotherhood that continues on for years to come.

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Founded at the University of Central Missouri on June 28, 1920, the organization will commemorate its 100th Anniversary in 2020. With a presence on 85 campuses in 31 states, our membership includes over 3.000 undergraduate men and 61,000 living alumni. The Headquarters, which is home to the Fraternity, Foundation, and WPN Housing Company, is located in Indianapolis, Indiana, 12 miles from the center of downtown. Visit for additional information