Sam Tucker, Alabama Finds Career Calling Through Sig Tau

Published on December 1, 2020 in News

One year into his undergraduate journey at Alabama, Sam Tucker knew something was missing. He was excelling in school but had a void that needed to be filled; he wanted to find people who shared common interests and was looking to impact campus outside of the classroom. This is where Tucker’s Sigma Tau Gamma journey began.

Joining the Epsilon Phi Chapter in 2014, Tucker began as the then Philanthropy Chair. A year later, he served on the Executive Cabinet as then the Vice President of Programs. Through the chapter, he found his love for animals and to serve his community and country. 

“Coming into the Fraternity, I wasn’t expecting to take on any leadership positions right away until I discovered ones that truly sparked my interest. In my positions, I organized various events, including working with local non-profits such as the Humane Society of West Alabama. Through this, I discovered my passion for veterinary medicine.”

Graduating magna cum laude from Alabama in 2017, it was time for Tucker to take his next step. He was accepted into North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine. That summer, Tucker applied and received the Michael J. Steinbeck Graduate Fellowship, and also was recognized for his leadership efforts, taking home the Principle of Citizenship Award from Endeavor Minneapolis. His dedication and service did not stop there, as he also is a Second Lieutenant in the US Army Veterinary Corps.

“I will graduate from NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine in May 2021. Following graduation, I will commission as a Captain and begin my service obligation where I will provide veterinary care for Military Working Dogs, the pets of uniformed personnel, and securing the food safety for our military and their families.”

 Through his education and service, Tucker recognizes brothers who have come before him and credits the Fraternity for where he is today. 

“Supported by my brothers, Sigma Tau Gamma has provided me with lifelong memories. Anyway you can give back to the Fraternity and the next generation of brothers makes an impact. By donating to scholarship funds, you can relieve the financial burden of education. By donating time, you can inspire and change the outlook on a brother’s career. By donating your talents, you can improve and better the Fraternity for future brothers to enjoy and benefit from.”

Founded at the University of Central Missouri on June 28, 1920, Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity celebrated 100 years of brotherhood in 2020. In the last 100 years, the organization has called 193 campuses home and has more than 73,000 initiated members. With a current presence on 79 campuses from coast to coast, our membership includes nearly 2,500 undergraduate men. The Headquarters, which is home to the Fraternity, Foundation, and WPN Housing Company, is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Visit for additional information.