Where Flowers Bloom: The Journey of a National White Rose

Published on February 14, 2023 in News

With our fraternity’s founding date taking place in June, the month of roses, the white rose has always had a special place in Sigma Tau Gamma. So much so, we refer the special women in our lives that go on to represent our brotherhood as a chapter white rose or a national white rose.

The first National Rose of Sigma Tau Gamma was chosen in 1940 but became an annual award in 1952. Now, the $500 National White Rose Scholarship goes to one chapter’s current White Rose who has made positive contributions to the chapter and best embodies the ideals and Principles of Sigma Tau Gamma every year.

It is nurturing, adequate light, and time that allows a rose to bloom, so we connected with Linzi Soules of Central Arkansas and Lisa Grubb of UW – Stout to see where their lives have taken them since receiving this honor from the national fraternity. Linzi was the 2003 National White Rose and Lisa was the 2013 National White Rose.

Linzi Soules (2003 National White Rose)

Q: What was your relationship with the Sig Taus on campus?

A: My boyfriend for much of college is a Sig Tau. I felt like Sig Taus were family while in college and I keep up with many of the guys even now. We were all close enough that when my boyfriend and I went our separate ways and I began to date my soon-to-be husband, one of the Sig Taus who was active while I was White Rose lived across the street at the time and helped me pick out my outfit! Family, like I said.

Q: Were you Greek? If so what organization?

A: I’m a Sigma Kappa, pledged in the spring of 2001. 

Q: What did becoming National White Rose mean to you?

A: I was and still am very proud to have been chosen as National White Rose. What made me most proud was seeing how happy it made the Sigma chapter! 

Q: What is your most heartwarming Sig Tau memory?

A: Some of my most favorite memories include playing sand volleyball, dressing up for mixers, and traveling anywhere we could to see OAR, one of our favorite bands play! 

Q: What are three of your most impactful life events that have taken place since you were the National White Rose?

A: As far as the impactful events, there have been lots since 2003. I graduated with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy in August 2006.  I’ve worked at a developmental preschool for the last 12 years. I love and am very passionate about my job! I met my husband Neil, in July of 2014 while observing at a PT clinic for a class. He was 2 years my senior in school, and we do the same thing for a living.  We started dating in August, engaged two and half months later and this May, we will have been married 18 years! We have three children; Parker, 15, is a competitive cheerleader and is happiest when she’s tumbling or making TikToks; our son Peyton, 12, lives for football & travel baseball, and I see him in Greek life one day; and our youngest son, Zachary, 11, is an old soul – he likes football, but his real passions are drawing and building anything he can get his hands on; we call him our Lego Guy!

Lisa Grubb (2013 National White Rose)

Q: What was your relationship with the Sig Taus on your campus?

A: I had a few high school guy friends join Sig Tau and so they would invite me over. I became friends with more of the brothers, and it always felt like a safe and memorable place to be.

Q: Were you Greek? If so, what organization?

A: I was not Greek. Some of the sororities were interested in having my friends and I join but didn’t find the right house to join. UW – Stout is small so there were only three or four sororities to choose from.

Q: What did becoming the National White Rose for the entire fraternity mean to you?

A: It was quite the honor since the chapter hadn’t had a white rose in quite a few years. It was a big surprise as the brothers gave me the title at their annual formal event. I know the brothers would always be there for me, as I was there for them. I love that I still see some of the brothers on a regular basis, they are truly my friends for life.

Q: What is your most heartwarming Sig Tau memory?

A: Big question! I have so many memories with the brothers from Sigma Tau Gamma we could chat all day! My mind goes right to going to formals. Fraternity formals aren’t something every college student would get to go to which made them special. Everyone getting all dressed up and seeing the traditions the guys had made it feel like such a family. At winter formals one of the other brothers would dress up as Santa, and each of the guys would go by Santa and do their secret Santa gift exchange, all made from some good pictures and memories.

Q:  What are three of your most impactful life events that have taken place since you were the National White Rose?

A: Oh gosh, so much has happened in the last twelve years since then. I graduated From UW – Stout with five other Sig Tau brothers with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies. I’ve kept busy with running and ran a marathon in 2016. I married Jorden Grubb, a Sig Tau from UW – Stout in the Fall of 2019, and we now have a 2-year-old son.