“March” Your Calendars for the Noble Knight Chapter Challenge

Published on March 6, 2023 in News, Foundation

The Noble Knight Chapter Challenge is a fundraising initiative that began in 2020 and what fun these three years have been. This  challenge is a chance for our active chapters to increase support for their Chapter Fund in a fun and competitive way that engages members, alumni, and friends of Sig Tau. 

Last year, this program raised over 21,000 for Chapter Funds, which created opportunities for over 3,000 undergraduate members to attend national programs, receive scholarships and added depth to the Sig Tau experiences in this current generation of Noble Men. Three chapters were awarded $1,000 each to their Chapter Funds for having the most donors and most overall dollars raised per division. The 2022 winners were Missouri S&TCincinnati, and Monmouth.

There are no real losers in the Noble Knight Chapter Challenge, any and all dollars raised goes to helping an undergraduate find his footing on his own path to nobility. 


The 2023 Noble Knight Chapter Challenge will consist of three rounds, each lasting a week, beginning March 13 and ending April 2nd.

All 60 Active Chapters will be able to participate, and any brothers from a closed chapter will be able to fundraise through our new “Closed Chapter” Team.

Also, if a chapter is removed from the competition, they’re still in the game this year! A new option we’re offering is the Wild Card Race. As teams get eliminated, they enter the wild card group and continue to compete for one of our many grand prizes.

Speaking of grand prize(s), in the past we offered each division winner one standard prize. This year, we’ll be offering multiple prizes of equal value and our winning chapters will be able to CHOOSE their own prize based on their own chapter culture and identity! 

Find more details on the Noble Knight Chapter Challenge here. We hope you’ll help us put the “fun” back in fundraising and show our members that their alumni are still in their corner!